Barsatein 16th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 16th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 16th January 2024 episode starts with Neeta seeing Jay drinking and telling him that Aradhna is just using him.

She tells him that this marriage is not bringing any happiness for the both of them and also tells him that Aradhna just used him to get rid of Reyansh.

She tells him that Jay deserves love in his life as well and that is why he should see how much Bani loves him.

Before Neeta can say anything else, Jay angrily throws his wedding picture with Aradhna shattering it into pieces.

Meanwhile, Aradhna tells Reyansh that now she is married and there is nothing he can do.

Reyansh says that this marriage is not making anyone happy including Jay to which Aradhna says that she will never be with Reyansh.

With a broken heart, Reyansh leaves 

Elsewhere, Neeta tells Jay that Aradhna might be a good friend or a companion but she will never be able to love Jay.

Bani enters and sees Jay's condition which makes Neeta request her to make him understand.

Bani asks Jay to get himself together to which Jay says that he knows she loves him and that is why she should get married to someone else and take care of him.

She says that she is in love with him and will never be able to move on from him when Aradhna enters hearing everything.

Bani leaves while both Aradhna and Jay taunt each other indirectly.

Meanwhile, Neeta says to herself that she will weaponize this doubt that has been instilled between Aradhna and Jay.

The next day, Reyansh tells his employees that they have new news to cover which is a drug racket.

Reyasn realizes that Aradhna is not there so he calls her which Neeta sees and asks to leave the job as it is troubling her so much.

Aradhna says that she will leave the job and find something else which upsets Bhakti.

Neeta then creates a scene and calls Reyansh so that he can hear their conversation which angers Jay who bursts out on Aradhna saying that she can go back to her precious Reyansh.

Reyansh's blood boils in anger while Aradhna tells Jay to give her any solution as she has done this to support her family.

Jay asks her not to defend herself when Reyansh enters the house looking for Aradhna.

Reyansh tells Bhakti and Harsh that Aradhna is happy with him however they beg to differ.

He says that he has come to pick Aradhna for work which makes Harsh say that Reyansh has ruined his daughter's life.

Reyansh says that it is Harsh who is to be blamed as he made Aradhna marry Jay whom she does not even love.

Neeta sees the show and enjoys herself when Aradhna goes to Reyansh and asks him to behave himself.

Reyansh says that Jay is not able to see Aradhna successful and has not given anything to her post marriage to which Jay agrees,

Reyansh asks him to drop the act as he goes to Manali with his loved one which makes Aradhna take him out.

Harsh says that Aradhna is going to leave his job to which he says that she is in contract and is not as useless as Jay which prompts Aradhna to slap Reyansh in anger.

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