Barsatein 16th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 16th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 16th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhna telling Jai that she could never love him or anyone else as she had deeply loved Reyansh.

She tells him that it is her punishment and her not accepting Reyansh is his punishment.

Aradhana looks at him with sadness as she tells him that she does not want to punish him and is going to Delhi.

She tells him that she has one last thing to do and after that, she'll never meet him.

Later, the police arrive at the office and tell Jai that there's a case filed against him for insider trading and lowering the market rates of shares.

Before Jai can say anything, Kriti comes there with Reyansh mockingly stating that Jai has come to India from London to teach them.

Reyansh mockingly asks them if they have proof while Jai asks the police officer if he has any proof.

Jai recalls signing some papers without reading them due to trusting Reyansh.

He tells the police officer that he is the one who had signed the papers and asks for a minute as he takes Reyansh aside.

Kriti also comes there and praises Reyansh being a villain.

Jai looks at both of them disgusted as he walks away and leaves with the police officers.

Aradhana and Vikram come there shockingly while the flashback shows Vikram telling everything to Aradhana and telling her to not punish Reyansh anymore.

Kriti becomes bold

She walks to Reyansh and asks him if he's gonna stoop this low while Kriti tells her that she seems a little too close to Jai.

Reyansh tries to talk to her but Aradhana interrupts him by asking Kriti if she is going to fire her.

Kriti boldly states that she can since she is the owner of the company and tells her to leave as Aradhana walks away with her bag.

Reyansh tells Kriti that this was not their deal while Kriti tells him to not play his Majnu character.

On the other hand, Kadambari comes and sits with Bina as she says how she liked Reyansh but was stunned by his toxicity.

Kadambari agrees as she talks about how she is worried only about Aradhana and VK.

Bina reminds her that she turned the people away from her like they were pages of a chapter they did not like.

Kadambari states how the coffee is bitter while Bina tells her that truth is always bitter.

Aradhana comes there, stating she is leaving Dehradun today only.

She tells Kadambari how she and Reyansh are unlucky both in love and in friendship.

At the police station, Jai is talking to the police officer while Reyansh comes, asking to talk to Jai.

They mockingly talk about each other's friendship as Reyansh says that he made a mistake by trying to take Aradhana away from him.

Reyansh punishes Jai

Jai tells him that he made a mistake by falling in love with Aradhana and tells him that he can punish him for that but he did not make Aradhana hate him.

Reyansh says that he will see how Jai gets bailed when Aradhana comes there.

She reveals that she has bailed Jai and apologizes to him for punishing him for his feelings.

They walk away and Jai thanks her.

Back at the Khanna house, Viren looks at the wedding album as he sees Aradhana's pictures and starts blaming her for Kimaya's death.

Malini asks him what is wrong while he throws the album and tells her that he does not want to see Aradhana's face in the house.

Malini argues that it is Reyansh who is solely responsible when they hear a sound and turn to see Aradhana.

She walks towards Viren but he tells her to not console him and states that she has taken Kimaya from them.

Aradhana cries as Viren argues with Malini and tells her that he doesn't want her in his house.

Aradhana states that she is leaving while Malini tells her that she is not at fault.

Malini tells Viren telling him that his affair with Reyansh's mother is the root of everything while Reyansh also comes there just then and agrees with Malini.

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