Barsatein 17th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 17th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 17th January 2024 episode starts with Reyansh confronting Aradhana's family with Neeta and Jay being there.

Reynash puts all the blame on Harsh, Aradhana's father, for getting her married to Jay who cannot even work.

Jay tries to say something but Reyansh shuts him off, asking him to not open his mouth.

This prompts Aradhna to slap him in public which makes the onlookers mock and laugh at the ongoing drama after which Aradhana and her family leave.

Reyansh huffs and makes the laughing ladies go away as he eyes a bottle of alcohol in his hands.

On the other hand, a heated-up Harsh asks Aradhana what is all this nonsense as this Reyansh is sitting on their horoscopes like a true, bad luck.

However, Bhakti asks him to calm down saying that this isn't Aradhna's fault and Jay also asks Harsh to calm down.

Aradhana apologizes and cries a little while Reyansh reaches his home where he finds Vivek and Kadambari talking very sweetly to each other.

Kadambari asks Vivek to go on a walk with her so he doesn't put on weight after which they spot Reyansh staring at them and informs him that they have decided to give their marriage a second chance.

Kadambari also speaks up saying marriage is not so broken easily and their experience might have affected Reyansh very badly but the things are the way they are.

This prompts Reyansh to say that when people hear hard-hitting truths, they tend to go hysterical after which Vivek asks him to speak clearly about what is going on.

Reyansh spells out what he spoke about Jay but Vivek and Kadambari just softly look at him and say that at least, Aradhana is trying to make her marriage work.

On the other hand, Aradhana asks Jay where he is going and he gets irritated and states that now he has to go and look for some work, clearly hurt by Reyansh's harsh tongue.

Meanwhile, Bhakti is trying to find something in her storage room when she spots a box and discovers medicines that are banned from India.

She takes one bottle in her hand and goes from there after she thinks someone is keeping an eye on her.

Later, Neeta talks about how dare Bhakti tried to sneak and take a look at her stuff after which she calls someone, saying that the carton is not safe now.

In the meantime, Bhakti leaves the house in confusion and gets hit by a car but Reyansh is passing by from there and goes to help Bhakti get on her feet.

Holding her head, Bhakti tells him she is fine but Reyansh asks her to get up and let him help her and also gives her water to drink.

He also spots the banned medicine and asks where she found it from.

Bhakti tells him that she got it from her storeroom while she also asks him to stay away from Aradhana as she is a married woman now despite all the love Reyansh wants to give her.

Further, Bhakti asks him not to tell anything to Aradhana as maybe Jay might be on the wrong track as he is not able to provide for his family currently.

Later, Reyansh brings Bhakti home which surprises Neeta after which Aradhana asks him what he is doing here.

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