Barsatein 18th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 18th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 18th August 2023 episode starts with Malini noticing Aradhana being upset about something and she starts moving towards her while Aradhana’s heartbeat picks a pace.

Malini questions Aradhana if she is the same girl whom she met in the temple while Aradhana agrees and informs her that she’s here from the Oassian bakery.

Meanwhile, Malini’s friend attempts to make Malini nostalgic about her college days but Malini reacts coldly to it which gives Aradhana a suspicious feeling about the relationship between Malini and the Oassian bakery.

Just then, Malini’s youngest daughter arrives there and asks Aradhana to tell Malini about the person she’s looking for.

Aradhana takes an exit from there wondering about how to confront the same person whom she was looking for.

Aradhana rushes to the pillar and hides herself behind it since she’s unable to hold her tears anymore while Malini observes Aradhana as if something common is there between them.

Elsewhere, Mayank is enjoying a Chinese meal with his wife while his house bell rings and he spots Reyansh at his door.

Reyansh reluctantly enters his house and starts talking sarcastically to Mayank’s wife.

He holds Mayank by his collar and doesn’t even think once before forcefully dipping his face in the bowl of hot schezwan sauce which makes Mayank scream.

Reyansh continues to push his face in the bowl multiple times since he’s punishing Mayank for each and every deed while Mayank yells at Reyansh and blames him for not trusting Aradhana.

This instigates Reyansh and he strikes him hard while Mayank continues to provoke him which forces Reyansh to remember all of his lies and he strikes him a lot.

At Khanna’s residence, the inspector arrives at the party whom Malini is acquainted with and she thinks that she came to attend the ceremony.

While the inspector informs her about the complaint against Kemaya for the hit-and-run case which shocks Kemaya and Angad when Malini defends Kemaya.

However, Malini questions her about the name of the person who filed the complaint and the inspector says that it’s Aradhana from the Oassian bakery.

In the meantime, Reyansh rushes to Pooja for his further steps in order to find Aradhana while Pooja lashes out at him for being so toxic in his relationship that ruined Aradhana’s life.

Reyansh requests Pooja to tell her where Aradhana is but she is stubborn and refuses to tell him anything which triggers Reyansh’s anger and he yells at Pooja.

Vikram appears there and scolds Reyansh for yelling at Pooja asking him to leave his house right now while Reyansh apologises to Pooja and leaves with his restless heart.

At the party, Malini stops Aradhana from leaving and shouts at her for targeting her family by entering the party anyhow and filing a complaint against her daughter.

This breaks Aradhana’s hurt into maximum pieces since it’s heartbreaking to hear this coming from the same mother who abandoned her first-ever child.

However, Malini behaves very rudely with Aradhana and throws her out of the house while Aradhana remains numb seeing her own mother fighting like a tigress for her other daughters.

Further, Reyansh expresses his feeling to Vivek that how badly he has messed up Aradhana’s life while Vivek yells at him for being a loser and tells him to go and find her anyhow.

Later, Aradhana stumbles and falls down on the streets reminiscing about the things that she heard about Malini at the party when she imagines Reyansh waking her up and comforting her but suddenly she faints away.

However, after accusing the innocent, Malini and her daughters are enjoying the party when Kemaya takes Malini aside and reveals everything to her which leaves Malini’s eyes open wide in shock.

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