Barsatein 18th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 18th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 18th December 2023 episode starts with Aradhna removing the white cloth away from the person's face and standing shocked as she spots Reyansh lying there.

Aradhna starts crying violently and tries to wake up Reyansh by calling out his name after which she takes his hands to hold in her own.

Reyansh's hands feel warm and Aradhna realizes that Reyansh is still dead after which she asks the police officer to call the doctor inside.

Aradhna waits for the doctor to come when Reyansh opens his eyes and says in a weak voice that Aradhna has come to meet him after his death.

Reyansh opens his eyes which leaves Aradhna shocked and he says that Aradhna did not keep her word of not coming to see his dead face.

A flashback shows the accident taking place and how Reyansh deliberately relayed the message that he is dead so that Aradhna comes running to him.

Reyansh does not get treated by the doctor and instead acts like a dead body which makes Aradhna lose her temper as she criticizes Reyansh for joking like that.

However, Aradhna's insults do not bother Reyansh and he says that Aradhna still loves him in her heart which is why she has come and is crying for him.

Aradhna walks out of the room in anger after which Jay asks the doctor to treat Reyansh and contact him if they require anything.

Jay joins Aradhna outside where he tries to comfort Aradhna but she apologizes to Jay for hurting his feelings knowing well that he likes her.

Aradhna blames herself for using Jay while he says that he is well aware that Aradhna only has love for Reyansh in her heart and she has been honest from the start.

After watching Reyansh get treated by the doctor, Aradhna tells Jay that they should leave for home as she does not want to stay there anymore.

Reyansh watches Aradhna going away and asks the doctor to treat him properly as he wants to live.

With a leap of 1 month, Jay and Aradhna come to a marriage councillor where they tell the doctor about their issues.

Aradhna says that she has changed since the accident took place and always seems to be afraid about something happening whenever she hears a call or a knock on the door.

Flashbacks show how Aradhna sees Reyansh haunting her everywhere with Jay trying to protect her after which the doctor says that Aradhna will not be able to get out of her trauma easily.

Aradhna goes outside to wash her face while the doctor tells Jay that she is worried about Aradhna and him but is glad that he is so supportive toward her.

Jay says that he wants Aradhna to get well soon and not lead life in fear for which he is ready to fight whoever it requires.

After getting into the car, Jay asks Aradhna to come to the office with him as he misses working with her as a colleague. 

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