Barsatein 18th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 18th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 18th January 2024 episode starts with Neeta trying to kick Reyansh out however Bhakti tells them that Reyansh saved her life and that is why he is here.

Reyansh tells Aradhna to come to the office now as she has not given her notice period which makes Bhakti say that Aradhna and Reyansh can work the case at home.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that they have to find the main source of illegal medicines in India.

Neeta knows that Reyansh is on her tail unknowingly and decides to do something to get them off the case.

Reyansh reminds Aradhna that she used to be very devotional towards her work but now that side of her is lost.

Aradhna tries to deflect which makes Reyansh say that his heart breaks when he sees her like this and no matter how much of a red flag he is he always wants her to be happy.

Meanwhile, Neeta tries to help Bhakti with breakfast which makes Bhakti reply the sun has risen from the west.

Neeta mocks Bhakti for letting Aradhna and Reyansh work together however Bhakti gives a good comeback.

Elsewhere, Reyansh further discusses the case along with Aradhna and tells her to show her best skills as lives are at stake.

Aradhna offers to go to the site to investigate further and says that it is her story and she will work it through.

Neeta and Bhaki enter their room where Reyansh accidentally drops the illegal medicine making the color from Neeta and Bhakti's faces disappear.

He picks it up and leaves while Jay sees Aradhna's phone beeping with Reyansh's texts later that night.

The next day, Neeta and Akash celebrate their anniversary when Bhakti comes with her handmade Sheera and tells them that they will celebrate in the evening.

Neeta refuses to call her friends as she does not want to embarrass herself which makes Jay convince her otherwise after which Jay mocks Aradhna and asks her to take Reyansh's permission to leave.

Aradhna reminds Jay of the reason she is working and how unhelpful he is being right now to her.

After Aradhna leaves, Neeta mocks Aradhna while Jay takes Aradhna's side after which Bani enters and gifts Neeta a very beautiful necklace and some money that she fetched from Neeta's account.

Neeta gives the money to Jay saying that he can use this money to make Aradhna resign from her job.

She then thinks to herself that Aradhna needs to leave her job otherwise, she and Reyansh will find out the real source of this money.

Meanwhile, Aradhna says on the phone that she will buy the cake when Reyansh asks her to hang up the call as they have reached the side and cannot afford any distraction.

A watchman stops them and tells them to leave however Aradhna shows him the banned medicine bottle and says that she wants to make a similar bottle and has learned that here this job is done.

She makes up a fake story while Reyansh sneaks into the godown and finds a whole box filled with the same medicine.

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