Barsatein 18th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 18th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 18th September 2023 episode starts with Aradhana and Reyansh snatching the cake from each other while Reyansh pulls it forcefully leading Aradhana to bump her face in it.

Aradhana gets angry and puts some cake on Reyansh’s face to express her anger, making him enjoy the cake fight while Beena appears there and yells at both of them for fighting like kids.

Meanwhile, Reyansh gets a call from Vikram when he tells Vikram about the surprise that he is arranging for Aradhana, asking him for help and telling him to call Pooja.

Bhakti wishes Aradhana on her birthday

However, Vikram informs him about Viren being angry at them for attempting to cover the Mafia story while Reyansh asks him to do as instructed.

On the other hand, Aradhana gets a call from Pooja who wishes her happy birthday but Aradhana doesn’t express her excitement to which Pooja tells her to talk to Bhakti and Harsh.

Aradhana brushes off the topic, saying that she is no one to forgive them.

Elsewhere, Bhakti is praying to god for Aradhana’s birthday when just then, Pooja appears there with a cake and tells Bhakti and Jagruti to cut the cake on behalf of Aradhana.

Pooja informs Bhakti that she’ll make a video of them cutting the cake while in reality, she shows everything live to Aradhana on a video call, making Aradhana miss her family on her special day.

Malini reveals the truth

Further, Aradhana goes to Khanna’s mansion with a cake when Malini scolds Kiki and Koko for not accompanying her to the orphanage, making Aradhana question her if it’s like a ritual for her while Kiki mocks Malini’s ritual.

This makes Malini confess that she lost something precious on this day when a flashback shows Malini giving her baby to Bhakti and asking her to promise that she will take the utmost care of her kid.

Back to the present, Aradhana’s curiosity gets triggered and she asks her about the thing that she lost leading Malini to reveal about losing her first baby on this day.

Just then, Viren questions her loss, making Malini hesitant and she makes an excuse about losing her pet on the same day. 

Viren expresses his concern about Kimaya’s condition to Malini and tells her not to go to the orphanage today while Malini informs him that she’ll be back soon with a prasad for Kimaya.

Aradhana failing to resist spending time with Malini, pitches the idea of her accompanying Malini to the orphanage, making everyone happy, especially Kiki and Koko.

Viren lashes out at Reyansh

On the other hand, Sunaina and Vikram try to change Reyansh’s plan of covering the Mafia story while Reyansh tells them about Mafias making the properties with low-standard raw materials, causing natural calamities to destroy it effortlessly and charging a handful amount for their disgusting unsafe properties.

At the orphanage, Aradhana and Malini hear Viren shouting at Reyansh for daring to touch the Mafia story leading Aradhana to question him about the matter when Viren tells her to accompany him to the office.

At the office, Viren reaches with Aradhana when Sunaina spots him and gets scared by the fury on his face.

Viren lashes out at Reyansh for running the news against Anil Taneja without any proof and mentions that they can’t run the story based on speculation to which Reyansh informs him about having strong evidence against Anil Taneja.

Reyansh quits the job

However, Viren continues to yell at him as he has done a huge loss to his company since Anil Taneja is the one who manages his finances in the market and is their biggest advertiser.

Reyansh tells him that they need to warn the criminals who have been cheating on the people for so long while Viren asks him not to be diplomatic each time.

Moreover, he informs Viren that news is all about stating the true facts and not running the stories just for entertainment purposes.

This makes Viren furious but Reyansh quits the job by saying that he can’t work on fake stories and has the audacity to reveal the true stories in the media.

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