Barsatein 19th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 19th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 19th December 2023 episode starts with Jay taking Aradhna back to the office and introducing her to everyone as her wife.

Neeta tells Varun that no matter what, she will never accept Aradhna either in her home or in her office.

Later, Jay says that it looks like his dream has come true to which Aradhna says that she is happy that at least someone has happy dreams.

Jay tells Aradhna that he and his father have to resign from this job as they have a new business strategy in their minds and Varun will take his place as the CEO.

Aradhna hopes that Jay has thought this through when Jay replies that the deal he is working on is legit.

Varun enters, telling them that Santosh Malvia smuggles weapons, making Jay say that he is a big patriot.

Aradhna says that he needs to verify this news first to which Jay says that he wants Varun to keep Aradhna in the loop for this.

She says that she is scared to which Varun says that he has got this, Neeta also agrees with him.

A little while later, Bhakti calls Aradhna which scares her however, she is relieved to hear Bhakti's voice.

While talking on the phone, Aradhna is startled as an employee keeps a mug of coffee on her table and asks her to audit.

Elsewhere, Varun compares Jay to a male Aradhna, and Neeta wishes for Reyansh's return, believing he wouldn't approve of Aradhna and Jay's marriage.

Meanwhile, Jay goes to Aradhna and says that now Varun and Aradhna will be colleagues to which she says that she is excited to work with her brother-in-law.

Later, Aradhna is in a car and thinks to herself that maybe Reyansh is following her, she asks the driver to stop the car and gets out.

Aradhna goes to the public washroom and gets locked inside, she bangs on the door calling for Reyansh to open the door.

A staff member opens the door and tells Aradhna that the door is not working but she does not believe him and accuses him of working with Reyansh.

Meanwhile, Varun is talking to someone and telling that person that now he is the boss, and no matter what Aradhna does, he will always have the final say in decisions.

Aradhna comes there and sees Varun talking to someone whom she presumes to be Reyansh, she scolds Varun for befriending Reyansh.

Varun asks Aradhna to first look at the person who turns out to be Kriti which shocks her.

He tells Aradhna that Malini has asked him to talk to Kriti and bring her back home as she misses her.

Kriti then apologizes to Aradhna to which she says that she will talk to Jay for her sake.

Aradhna takes Kriti to Jay which infuriates him, he yells at Varun for trusting her.

Kriti tells Jay that Santosh Malviya is not a smuggler to which Varun also agrees however, Jay asks her to get lost.

After Kriti leaves, Varun yells at Jay for not trusting him and only trusting his dear Aradhna.

He also says that maybe Aradhna is the one who is working with Reyansh, this makes Jay so furious that he slaps Varun.

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