Barsatein 19th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 19th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 19th October 2023 episode starts with Viren watching a clip on his phone sent by the blackmailer which directly or indirectly makes him feel restless.

Just then, Malini appears there and questions him about the matter to which Viren replies that he was totally different in his past but since he’s with Malini, he never looked past.

Malini expresses how her past was also unpleasant but they both accepted each other and moved on in their life for a fresh start.

On the other hand, Jai looks at his outfits and gets confused about which one to wear when he plans to call Aradhana while she is sitting on a lawn, appreciating the morning with a huge smile as she recalls her kiss with Reyansh.

Jai shares his confusion about the outfits with Aradhana as he misinterprets Aradhana as his fiance while Aradhana praises Kriti’s choice and suggests he be on time.

Meanwhile, Jai states how anxious he is about the engagement leading Aradhana to agree with him as she recalls Reyansh’s words about accepting the ring today if she really loves him.

Aradhana wonders about moving on in her life by forgetting the past when just then, Reyansh appears there with a bouquet, making her blush.

He casually talks about their engagement when Aradhana mocks him for being confident enough that she will be present there leading Reyansh to say that today he will assist her in getting ready for the ceremony.

Further, Reyansh assists Aradhana in adorning her necklace and other adornments, causing a delightful sensation in her tummy as his breath caresses her neck.

Reyansh hugs her from behind while telling her about the entry as the bride and groom cannot enter the venue together while Aradhana builds suspense by saying her answer isn’t revealed yet.

Elsewhere, Malini enters Kimaya’s room and expresses how relieved she is as Kimaya is getting to Reyansh who loves her so much that he is even ready to hold her hands despite Kimaya’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Reyansh calls Vivek and asks about his whereabouts and questions if Kadambari is not coming to his engagement too while Vivek asks him to think positively as today is a very auspicious day.

Aradhana reaches Kriti’s room when Kriti pretends to be all naive and informs Aradhana about Kimaya getting engaged to Reyansh.

This shocks Aradhana while Kriti continues to behave innocently and tells her about Reyansh’s parents sending a shagun for Kimaya.

Aradhana immediately realises the miscommunication among everyone and attempts to leave but intentionally gets stopped by Kriti who asks her to say as she needs her.

Just then, Kimaya appears there leading Aradhana to get worried about the consequences of this misunderstanding.

On the other hand, Reyansh tells Vikram to be on time for his engagement as today they will reveal their real identity in front of everyone while sitting in his car.

Reyansh is shocked to see someone else already sitting on the passenger seat with his face covered.

Meanwhile, Aradhana collides with Malini who expresses how happy she is for Kimaya as she is about to start a new chapter of her life and thanks Aradhana by hugging her.

Kriti overhears their conversation and smirks at Aradhana while she escapes from there and sits alone on the balcony when she imagines herself as a strong person who motivates her to let go of Reyansh.

Aradhana’s strong soul questions her for breaking Kimaya’s heart once again by confessing her love to Reyansh as she has already lost her first family due to his betrayal.

However, she tells her soul that Reyansh has changed himself just for her but her soul calls him a red flag and accuses Reyansh of cheating on her for the second time while Aradhana spots Vivek entering the house.

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