Barsatein 19th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 19th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 19th September 2023 episode starts with Reyansh sitting at Bina Aunty's cafe and drinking coffee when she comes there and interrupts his silent thinking.

Reyansh and Bina's thoughtful banter

Reyansh thinks about how he got fired from his job and has nothing to do in that city without pursuing Aradhna who apparently does not even wish to see him.

Bina Aunty sits across Reyansh and tells him that he should leave the city as that small city is not enough for his somewhat giant and engulfing personality that lures people in with its charm.

Reyansh smiles at Aunty sneakily and mixes some alcohol in his coffee which shocks Bina and she asks Reyansh if he wants to shut her cafe completely.

Joking about Irish coffee made in that way, Reyansh asks Bina if he should leave for good to which she replies that she will miss him a lot which leaves Reyansh flabbergasted.

Reyansh says that Bina has already made him a memoir before he has even left after which she asks him if he truly loves "her" that much.

With deep thoughts flowing in, Reyansh replies that he is in love with "her" but he cannot be a gentle poet or writer and has many toxic traits that only give pain and thorns to the other person.

Bina says that Reyansh should wash down the alcohol with some sweet thing and walks away to bring it when Reyansh gets a call from one of his friends and gets to know that they are in Delhi.

Reyansh decides to meet up with his friend and says that he is coming to Delhi as Dehradun has not given him anything happy and "she" has also not seen him a second time.

As Reyansh gets up to leave, Bina comes and gives him a jar of cookies from her side which makes Reyansh kiss her hand and tell her that he has not met a woman like her before.

Aradhna confronts Viren

Meanwhile, Sunaina informs Aradhna that Reyansh is leaving and says that Aradhna must be very happy to have what she wanted to which Aradhna nods her head.

However, Aradhna feels restless thinking about Reyansh leaving like that and gets a call that confirms that Reyansh's coverage of the news was absolutely correct.

The truth makes Aradhna feel guilty and she decides to meet Viren at his home while he plans events to lift Kimaya's mood along with others.

Aradhna says that Viren should not have fired Reyansh like that which shocks the family members and they ask Viren why he did such a thing.

Viren says that he cannot go against his advertisers to which Aradhna replies that they are journalists who present the truth to the public.

As the family members ask Viren to stop Reyansh, he agrees and calls Reyansh but he does not pick up the call and even rejects Aradhna's call.

However, when Kimaya calls Reyansh, he picks up the call which angers Aradhna and he tells Kimaya that he is going back to Delhi.

Aradhna fails to stop Reyansh

Aradhna leaves in a hurry to stop Reyansh and forgets her cell phone, taking Kimaya's phone with her.

Reyansh tells himself that it is his gift to Aradhna that he leaves the city and sets her free but Aradhna drives on the same road and calls Reyansh through Kimaya's phone after noticing that she has brought that by mistake.

Aradhna asks Reyansh to stop and come back but Reyansh acts spoilt and says that he left on his own.

Meanwhile, Bhakti calls on Aradhna's phone to wish her a happy birthday and Malini picks up the call which makes her feel that she has heard that voice before.

Bhakti realizes that it is Malini and changes her voice to wish a happy birthday to Aradhna after which she hangs up.

Aradhna comes to the bus terminal and searches for Reyansh everywhere when she notices a man similar to Reyansh getting into the bus and the bus leaving.

Despite running after the bus and screaming Reyansh's name, Aradhna fails to stop the bus and stands alone.

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