Barsatein 1st August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 1st August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 1st August 2023 episode starts with Reyansh and Aradhana getting completely soaked in the rain and entering the house together while Aradhna's parents ask them why they did not come earlier.

Reyansh prepares for an announcement

Reyansh acts very romantic and presses Aradhana against the wall while standing close to her and starts talking in sarcasm but Aradhana doesn’t get it and mocks him.

Just then, everyone enters the room with evening snacks but he refuses to eat and tells them that he has to make a very important announcement in his office that is related to Aradhana’s career.

Reyansh tells Aradhana to wait and watch for some time while Aradhna guesses that it might be about their wedding.

Further, it is raining outside while they leave for the office.

He starts driving rashly but Aradhana asks him to control his speed, however, he plays a song by Kadambari which prompts Aradhna to think that Reyansh is being romantic.

However, Reyansh is reminiscing about a time when Aradhana was with her former partner and was dishonest with him.

At the office, he gathers everyone and tells them that they sell news by profession but today he has himself become the news.

Reyansh tags Aradhna as a cheater

He states that he has been harassed by Aradhana and that she misused him for a promotion while Sunaina interrupts him and tells him to watch his tongue since he is raising his finger on a girl’s character.

Aradhana is stunned by his allegations and asks him what is he even saying.

She pushes him back but he continues to appeal for filing a report as he has been harassed by her.

Listening to these false accusations against herself damages Aradhana’s heart into million pieces.

Meanwhile, Sunaina tells Vikram to take Reynash inside the cabin and she tries to handle Aradhana’s emotions.

Afterward, Sunaina yells at Reyansh for throwing allegations at Aradhana while Reyansh says that he has proof and plays a video of them getting closer to each other.

Further, he blames Aradhana for touching him inappropriately and misusing him.

Vikram yells at him that he is out of his mind and stops the video.

Aradhana asks him why he has not deleted the video yet since he told her that he will delete it.

Reyansh fires Aradhna from her job

Vikram replies and makes her remember the moment when she slapped him at this place and disrespected him while Aradhana realises that it was his plan to take revenge on her.

Meanwhile, Vikram neglects Aradhana’s opinions and asks Sunaina to take action against Aradhana.

Aradhana’s eyes are like a dam that’s about to burst, and she feels like a bird with a broken wing.

While leaving, Reyansh commands Sunaina to clear Aradhana’s salary and take her id card.

However, Aradhana stops and questions him about his fake friendship, the fake ring moment and everything that he was with her which now seems fake.

Aradhana doesn’t fail to ask about the marriage but Reyansh replies that everyone even the peon of his office knows his allergy to marriage word and asks Aradhana to get out of his office and his life.

Further, Reyansh goes to his cabin while Aradhana stands with her broken heart while recalling all those special moments they spent together.

She gathers all her belongings from her desk while telling Sunaina that she doesn't need to fire her rather she will mail her resignation.

Aradhna goes through heartbreak

Aradhna walks away with all the sweet and sour flashbacks with Rey while realizing that she was so deeply in love with him but he did everything just for revenge.

Elsewhere, Reyansh leaves his cabin when Vikram starts clapping sarcastically and tells Reyansh that he has now successfully ruined Aradhna's life.

Reyansh replies to Vikram that nothing will go wrong in her life and she will again fall for someone else.

Just then, Vikram interrupts and tells him that once again it is a jealousy factor with him and adds that Reyansh will gradually lose all his loved ones due to this problem.

However, he tells Vikram that Aradhna went into the hotel room with her ex Maynak and lied to Reyansh when he called her to say that she was with her father.

Elsewhere, Aradhana returns home all broken and upset while everyone starts congratulating her enthusiastically as she stands numb in front of everyone.

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