Barsatein 1st February 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 1st February 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 1st February 2024 episode starts with Pooja and Jagruti feeling bad about the fact that Reyansh and Aradhna never get a happy ending.

Meanwhile, Vivek gets a call from the private number who mocks him saying that both his wife and son are making him suffer and now he has become a mad dog.

Vivek gets very angry however the lady from the other end says that Reyansh is showing a lot of interest in the new drug case and he should drop it otherwise she will end his son and wife's life.

He says that Reyansh never steps behind in his commitments to which the lady says that his wife lied to him saying that she went to the dentist this is very sad and he will probably end up alone.

Vivek yells at her and asks her who the hell she is but she hangs up the call.

Reyansh enters and asks what is wrong with Vivek to which he replies that Reyansh should leave the drug case.

Reyansh says that it is very obvious that he is hiding something from him and he needs to tell him the truth to which Vivek says that he just got a call from a private number threatening him.

Meanwhile, Neeta tells Akash that her boss helped them earn so much money and they can buy their own house now.

Akash says that she is flying too high and soon the boss can change his colors to which Neeta replies that their real enemy is Reyansh.

Neeta says that she wants Aradhna to break Reyansh's heart brutally so that he also suffers and then says that if Reyansh does not stop then she will have to do the same thing to him that she did to Bhakti and will hire a hit man.

Back at the office, Vivek says that he is too scared to lose Reyansh to which Reyansh says that he is sure to bring out the real mastermind of this case.

Reyansh says that someone very dear to him is involved in this case.

Meanwhile, Varun is flirting with Priyanka when Neeta comes from behind and hits him on his head.

Varun tells Neeta that he heard Jagruti and Pooja talking about some video to which Neeta replies that the boss must have done something.

Neeta says that the boss is the mastermind and is a genius.

Varun is impressed by the boss to which Neeta says that the boss is the solution to all their problems.

Priyanka goes to Neeta and says that a box of medicine is missing which makes Neeta ask Varun to take Priyanka to her room and fetch the medicine.

Neeta then goes to Bhakti and says that she looks very good while she is quiet.

She also says that she would have really loved Aradhna if she weren't a cat hiding her claws.

Neeta says that she was the one who caused Bhakti's accidents which makes Bhakti hold Neeta's hand tightly.

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