Barsatein 1st November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 1st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 1st November 2023 episode starts with Jai dropping Aradhana towards her home as she continues thinking about her proposal to Reyansh.

Jai tells her that Reyansh is not seeing anything other than his revenge and he fears that she is going to end up hurt.

However, Aradhana states that she understands Reyansh's fear of being betrayed twice while Jai reasons that no one will believe her if she tells them the truth.

Just then, she tells him to drop her in the middle as she has some work and ends up at the bar where Reyansh is drinking.

She orders a drink for herself as she asks him what he wishes and when he is going to stop playing his game.

He asks her if she is not feeling embarrassed after today's drama and states that she has been corrupted as she used to care too much about her social image in the past.

Reyansh asks her what is going to do now.

She asks him if he won't come after her and he shakes his head stating that the fire within him will be doused only with Viren's destoryance.

He walks out of the bar into the rain while Aradhana goes after him and tells him that he will never be able to separate himself from her as she is a part of him.

She tells him that he'll always love her while he tells her that he is dead to her.

Aradhana angrily pushes him away stating that she can be toxic like him too.

He tells her to go ahead and try as they part their war and walk the opposite ways.

At night, Aradhana stans by the candle as she recalls Kadambari telling her that she has played a wrong move and her night spent with Reyansh.

She recalls him putting the engagement ring on Kimaya's finger as she puts her hand to cover the candle from the wind when she imagines Reyansh.

In reality, watches the clock hitting twelve and she wishes Reyansh a happy birthday.

Later, Reyansh wakes up from his dream and notices Aradhana in his room with a cake and a candle while he asks her how she came there.

However, instead of answering his question, she talks about the first night they spent together and how they were vulnerable with each other as she tells him to blow out the candles.

He does as said and she feeds him the cake while licking the cake from the side of his lips while trying to get close to him.

Reyansh asks her why she's doing this and she tells him that she wants their night to be each other only for today and forget about everything else.

After getting close to him, she walks away and cries by the gates as she states that she's burning in his love while she cannot marry him because she cannot see her sister sad.

She also cannot let her sister marry him cause she knows that he's only marrying her for his revenge which she cannot let happen even if she has to get burned in front of her family.

The next morning, at the office, Kimaya comes to the office wearing a saree like Aradhana to wish Reyansh a happy birthday while Aradhana praises her looks and takes her to the cafeteria stating that she doesn't need to be like anyone else.

Seeing Kimaya break down in insecurity, Aradhana feels guilty and wonders what to do.

Later, Reyansh goes to Kimaya and tells her that she looks better in salwar and likes her OG self.

They celebrate his birthday while Aradhana tells Vikram that she fear she won't be able to save Kimaya from Riyansh.

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