Barsatein 1st September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 1st September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 1st September 2023 episode starts with Alka coming into the basement with Malini and the staff the next day.

Alka complains about Aradhana and Reyansh finishing the bottles of alcohol kept there while Malini says that they were stuck inside for hours which is why they drank those.

Alka says that she finds Aradhana a bit weird and troubling in nature as she brings trouble wherever she goes but Malini asks Alka not to say such things.

Aradhana comes there and says sorry to Alka for damaging her property while Alka says that Aradhana should take care of herself so that she does not face anything fatal like this.

Malini says that she will compensate Alka for all the damage done to which Alka asks her to not bring shame to her while glaring at Aradhana and warning her.

After Alka leaves, Aradhana says sorry to Malini but Malini says that it is not Aradhana's fault for whatever happened, making Aradhana smile.

Meanwhile, a pair of hands hold Reyansh's face gently making Reyansh think that it is Aradhana and he mumbles that he will protect her in her dreams too.

Arnab is the one cupping Reyansh's face while Koko and Kriti laugh at Reyansh's response.

Aradhana notices Reyansh and Arnab and tells Reyansh that she is leaving for the office as he seems busy with other things making Reyansh wake up at once.

Reyansh stares at Arnab and asks him to come closer to him leaving Arnab traumatized and he tells Reyansh to stay away from him.

Koko praises Reyansh for his amazing acting which taught Arnab another lesson while Reyansh notices missed calls from Vivek.

Reyansh calls Vivek and asks him if he is facing any issues due to Kadambari Devi but Vivek says that he is fine and asks Reyansh how he is going on in his mission.

Reyansh tells Vivek that Aradhana is traumatized by what he did with her and he is far away from being forgiven by her to which Vivek agrees to come there soon and help his son.

Later, Aradhana joins Bina at the bakery and helps her out in her work while subtly asking her about Angad's family.

Bina says that Alka is a nasty type of woman who thinks money is everything and she is still amazed at how Angad managed to seduce Kimaya.

aradhana gets curious on hearing that Alka's brother is in jail after stealing things from a museum and his name is Nagendra Nag.

Reyansh comes there for coffee making Aradhana feel irritated while Bina starts admiring Reyansh for his charm and good looks.

As Reyansh asks Aradhana to go and wait for him in his car, Aradhana says that she will go by herself to the office and leaves after which Bina asks Reyansh to go after her.

Reyansh and Aradhana go together to the office and Aradhana shares the information with Sunaina after she reaches the office.

Sunaina asks Aradhana to be a bit careful as the Jindals are the in-laws of the Khannas and they cannot cause any rift or problem between them.

As Sunaina says that Malini can also be involved in the case, Aradhana gets defensive and says that Malini cannot do something like this making Sunaina calm down Aradhana.

aradhana bumps into Reyansh while walking and stomps away without talking a word to him after which she talks with Pooja on the phone.

Pooja tells Aradhana that Reyansh is trying to change himself and she should forgive him to release herself from this painful burden.

Reyansh talks with Vikram and says that what he did with Aradhana does not deserve to be forgiven at all.

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