Barsatein 20th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 20th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 20th December 2023 episode starts with Jai telling his brother that he does not want Kriti to be there. 

Varun expresses that it's acceptable for his wife to meet his ex and even visit their home, creating a scene, but he finds it unacceptable to trust his brother more than his wife.

Jai slaps Varun when he implies that Aradhana is collaborating with Rey.

However, Aradhana tells Jai that Varun is ready for the story but it is important not to overlook Kriti as someone might have fed the wrong story to them. 

However, Jai tells Aradhana that Kriti is manipulating her and that is what she does. 

He also tells her that he will not let his channel get compromised and they will play the story they have prepared.

Later, Jai’s mother scolds Jai for slapping his brother for Aradhana’s sake and shames him for disrespecting his brother after making him the boss. 

Jai apologises to Varun and tells him that he should forgive him and focus on the story that he has worked hard to create which is displayed on the channel. 

Just then, Reyansh comes there playing the mouth organ and plays the news on his channel which shows that Jai and Varun will be sued by the company on whom they have put baseless accusations. 

Reyansh reminds Jai of the basic rule of journalism about fact-checking that he forgot over time and tells him that he is going to defeat him this time. 

Jai acknowledges he acts for Aradhana, who's scared of him while Reyansh jests that Jai is both Aradhana's fear and her cure.

As he comes in front of her, Aradhana slaps him which makes Rey laugh even harder as now Aradhana’s fear has vanished. 

Rey recalls talking to Aradhana’s therapist and telling her that Aradhana’s biggest fear is that he knows her too well.

He also tells her that it is the reason he knows that Jai will ignore Aradhana’s warning and ruin himself in the process.

As Reyansh tells Jai how he and his brother have ruined themselves by not listening to the city’s best journalists, they have no one to blame. 

Jai becomes angry and tries to push Rey but Aradhana comes in between, telling Jai not to touch Rey. 

Rey becomes happy, telling Jai that Aradhana loves him so much that she cannot bear to see him hurt. 

However, Aradhana tells him that she is not saving him but Jai because she knows he will hurt him in his madness. 

Rey tells him that he has no intention of hurting her family as they have done the job themselves. 

He also tells them that by accusing Malviya, they have dug their grave and now they will have to compensate eleven million dollars for playing fake news. 

Jai and his family are shocked to hear that while Rey tells them that it is because of the exclusive he has done on them. 

Meanwhile, the police come to Jai’s channel to seal the office as Reyansh predicted. 

His other prediction about getting their accounts frozen also comes true. 

Jai’s mother accuses Aradhana of landing them in a mess for coming between two friends. 

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