Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 20th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhna confronting Reyansh as to why he's being dramatic and asking him to stop his shenanigans.

Reyansh tries to force Aradhna into marrying him but Aradhna says that she will not marry her sister's murderer.

Harsh advises a tense Aradhna that she should mind her own business which sparks an idea in Aradhna's mind and she hurriedly calls someone.

Aradhna's face lights up with joy while she informs her family members that she has secured an interview with Mr Dhar's new media company.

The next day, a confident Aradhna arrives for her interview but is shocked to encounter Jay in the cabin as her boss.

Jay explains to Aradhna that he met Malini and came to know about what Reyansh is up to so he he couldn't resist and came here to be with her.

With a fed-up tone Aradhna tells Jay that she's here only for work when Jay says that just because he likes her, it isn't an excuse for her to leave.

He tells her that he can be there for her just as a friend.

Aradhna tells Jay that if she can't trust Reyansh, she can't trust him either. 

Jay convinces Aradhna to work with him and Aradhna agrees on the condition that it'll be only professional.

Later, Reyansh asks Aradhna to not work as he'll take care of her to which Aradhna scoffs at him and shuts him off.

The next day, Jay announces that they have a new big story to cover about an MLA couple fighting opposite each other and Aradhna feels great about getting such an important story to cover.

Meanwhile, Reyansh calls Aradhna and asks silly questions to her about their marriage. Reyansh also tells Jay and Aradhna that his channel has already aired the MLA story.

Jay checks the staff member's phones but finds nothing suspicious. Meanwhile, he gets a call from Reyansh that it's actually his phone that's gotten hacked.

Aradhna tells Jay that they still need some other story to cover. Jay and Aradhna work very hard to get a big story and are ready to air the promo of a new story.

While playing the promo in front of the whole staff, instead of the promo, a pre-marriage video of Aradhna and Reyansh plays on the screen and it concludes that Reyansh is their new investor.

Aradhna gets a call from Jagruti and she asks her to rush home. 

When Jay and Aradhna reach home, they find all the neighbors in their house surrounded by a lot of luxurious gifts and they all have seen the ad that Reyansh aired on the TV.

Reyansh calls Aradhna and asks her to select her lehenga. He also tells her that he has already fixed their wedding date after consulting his father.

Aradhna asks her father to call Reyansh's father and deal with this situation or else he'll involve the police.

Aradhna loses her cool and decides to call the cops but is stopped by Jagruti.

Jagruti asks Aradhna that they should seek help from a social worker and they leave to meet her.

When they leave the place, it's revealed that instead of taking her to a social worker, Jagruti has led Aradhna to a boutique where Reyansh is already waiting for them.

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