Barsatein 20th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 20th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 20th October 2023 episode starts with Vivek cheerfully entering the Khanna mansion referring to Viren and Malini as Reyansh’s in-laws.

Viren and Malini look at him with their confused faces leading Vivek to reveal the truth about his identity to them and he adds that Reyansh is his son.

However, Viren doesn’t look convinced when Vivek unveils how Reyansh left Delhi as he wanted to earn his own name, staying away from nepotism and therefore, he changed his name to Vikram when he came to Dehradun.

This impresses the Khanna family when just then, Jai appears there and immediately hugs Vivek as he gets excited to see him.

Aradhana comes there while Vivek refers to her as his daughter-in-law, making everyone turn back to see the glimpse.

Malini opens her arms while calling Kimaya, who stands right behind Aradhana while Aradhana wonders if Vivek called her as his daughter-in-law or if he referred to Kimaya the same.

Kimaya goes forward to hug Malini when Vivek’s facial expression changes and he calls Aradhana leading her to greet him.

She tries to discuss about the confusion with Vivek but gets stopped by Kriti who tells everyone to get ready for Jai’s engagement.

Elsewhere, Reyansh sits face to face with the blackmailer in a dark room, questioning him about the reason behind his hatred towards the Khanna family.

However, the blackmailer prefers not to reveal the matter to Reyansh and gives him an image, asking him to hand over it to Viren.

Further, the blackmailer releases Reyansh from his custody, telling him to leave and proceed with his engagement.

At the engagement party, Malini asks Jai to start his engagement function as they have to complete it within the auspicious hour leading him to take his position.

Kriti intentionally holds Aradhana’s hand, pretending as if she’s really nervous about her engagement and needs Aradhana’s support.

Malini asks Jai to initiate the ceremony when Jai extends his hand to put the engagement ring on Aradhana, but Kriti surprises everyone by reaching out to Jai for the engagement.

Jai gets taken aback when he realises the confusion and spots Aradhana clapping for them while he rushes from there, escaping the ceremony.

Kriti follows Jai to have a rational conversation with him and reveals how much she has loved him since her childhood, therefore, she kept everything a secret.

Meanwhile, she clears Jai’s confusion about Aradhana being Khanna’s daughter while Jai accuses her of betraying him by keeping everything a secret from him.

He attempts to leave to tell everyone the truth about Kriti’s tactics when she warns him that his revelation can lead Aradhana to get homeless and adds that Aradhana loves Reyansh which shocks Jai.

Elsewhere, Aradhana calls Reyansh to inform him about the chaos regarding their engagement but he asks Aradhana to hang up the call as he’s driving on the highway.

Meanwhile, Jai takes a stand for Reyansh, stating that he loves Kimaya leading Kriti to inform him about Aradhana and Reyansh’s past when she shows the clip of them kissing.

Jai gradually understands everything while Kriti smirks at her cleverness and tells him that Reyansh will get shocked just like Jai as he will get engaged to Kimaya.

He rebukes Kriti for ruining the lives of two boys while Kriti informs him about Aradhana getting thrown out of Delhi for her past and warns him that Aradhana can be kicked out once again if he reveals the truth.

Further, Kriti finally misuses Jai’s love for Aradhana by convincing him to marry her and he finally puts the ring on Kriti’s finger with an upset face.

Elsewhere, Reyansh informs Viren about the blackmailer and gives him the picture, asking him about his past while Viren tells him that he got over-excited in his college days and gave a lecture on a few topics.

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