Barsatein 20th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 20th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 20th September 2023 episode starts with Aradhna standing alone at the bus terminal, after the bus leaves.

Aradhna says that she tried to do her best and it is not her responsibility that Reyansh has left but feels her heart crumbling in pain.

Thinking about all the moments she has spent with Reyansh; Aradhna feels as if she has started to lean towards him again but convinces herself that no such thing has happened.

She sits alone in the waiting area and repents her decisions when Reyansh comes there and asks her what she is doing by herself.

Reyansh asks Aradhna why she was there in the first place to which Aradhna questions him why he is back when he left by getting into that bus.

Hearing that Reyansh says that he got onto the bus because he was helping an old lady to keep her luggage on the bus and denies going back as Aradhna asks him.

She gets angry at Reyansh and asks him to come back with her as she will keep her eyes on him and ensure that he does not leave anywhere.

After Aradhna takes Reyansh with her and returns to the Khanna residence, she is surprised to see the living room decorated with her birthday setup.

The Khanna family along with Vikram and Sunaina come out from behind the huge board and scream "Happy birthday"  leaving Aradhna in a happy shock.

Reyansh stares at Aradhna softly on seeing her smiling from her heart while she cuts the cake and feeds it to everyone.

As Aradhna comes to feed Reyansh, his stare makes her nervous and she passes by without giving him any cake after which Malini returns her phone and tells her about the phone call.

Aradhna is shocked to hear about the call and goes to a separate corner to call back Bhakti to thank her for the wishes.

Bhakti picks up Aradhna's call and is pleased to hear that she is fine after which she says that she could only call because of Aradhna's message which leaves Aradhna confused

Aradhna understands that Reyansh was the one who did everything and stares at him while he tells Sunaina that he had to make sure that a daughter gets wishes from her mother on her birthday.

Viren comes to talk to Reyansh and disapproves of his actions when he stops the music as Kadambari's song starts playing.

Reyansh plays back the music as Viren asks him but the song has already changed by then while Viren's daughters ask him not to get angry.

Seeing Reyansh with Kimaya, Aradhna feels jealous in her mind and tries to look away but feels hurt when Reyansh hugs Kimaya with a happy face.

Reyansh asks Kimaya to join him at the office to which Kimaya replies that she will think about it after which the party concludes.

Aradhna feels confused about feeling bad upon seeing Reyansh with Kimaya and sits with Bina while she tells Aradhna about love and hate.

Reyansh and Vikram drink together and think about telling Aradhna everything but Sunaina terms them stupid saying that Aradhna is lonely because of everything going on.

Aradhna cries while writing a letter to Malini in which she asks her why she left her first child like that and if she has any place in her life at present.

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