Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 21st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 21st November 2023 episode starts with Aradhna realising that Jagruti has tricked her into meeting Reyansh in a boutique.

Reyansh asks the saleswoman to get the clothes he has selected and goes on to tell Aradhna his plans of having a western style reception so that Jay will also realize that he's not the only good boy.

Aradhna replies that he appears to be more obsessed with Jay and taunts him to marry him instead of her.

She also scolds Jagruti but Reyansh shuts her off in a playful way and tells her she's her Chutki.

Aradhna seems confused about Reyansh and Jagruti's changed relationship dynamic.

Reyansh goes back in a flashback and tells Aradhna how he got Jagruti to be on his side by making her understand that they both want good for Aradhna.

Aradhna tries to leave but Reyansh insists on her to stay by making her remember that she once said that they are meant to be together.

However, Aradhna replies that back at that time, Reyansh was a credible journalist but now he's just become a goon.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that she can put him behind the bars or whatever but now she might as well select the clothes for their marriage.

Abruptly, the light goes off and Reyansh further shares a banter with her.

Meanwhile Mr. And Mrs. Lambha visit Harsh and Bhakti.

Harsh and Bhakti ask them to make Reyansh leave his destructive wish of marrying Aradhna as she wants peace in her life.

Kadambari tells Aradhna's parents that they haven't sent all these gifts for Aradhna as a daughter-in-law but rather as their daughter.

Vivek and Kadambari wish for Aradhna to get a husband who respects and loves her and apologise on Reyansh's behalf promising to make Reyansh understand to stop forcing Aradhna to marry him.

Meanwhile, Aradhna is fed up with Reyansh's shenanigans and leaves with Jagriti.

Just then, Aradhna overhears her mother talking to someone about finding a suitor for her and confronts her.

Bhakti tells Aradhna that she can't let Aradhna marry Reyansh to which Aradhna replies that she rejected Reyansh because he isn't worth it but that doesn't mean she doesn't love him.

Bhakti tries to make Aradhna understand that Reyansh will not stop creating problems for her.

Meanwhile, Jay is met with a surprise when Varun comes to see him.

Aradhna realises how dangerous her and Reyansh's love is and agrees to marry anyone her parents choose for her.

Bhakti talks to Jay about marrying Aradhna while Jay initially disagrees considering that Reyansh and Aradhna love each other.

On constant pursuit from Bhakti, he gets compelled to give it a thought but still disagrees.

Varun overhears their conversation and talks Jay into marrying Aradhna while clicking a selfie and posting it under the hashtag #BigBKiShadi.

This post gets Kriti's attention and she tries to call Varun but the call doesn't connect.

Varun calls Kriti back and she enquires about Jay's relationship update to which Varun impulsively tells her too much.

Kriti decides to head to Delhi and stop Jay's and Aradhna's progressing closeness.

Meanwhile, Varun encounters Jay and Aradhna in his office and introduces himself while Aradhna asks how he knows her.

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