Barsatein 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 22nd December 2023 episode starts with Bhakti welcoming Aradhna, Jay and his family into their house and asking them to consider it their home.

Neeta says that she can never consider such a house as her own which Bhakti hears and Neeta says that the house does not belong to them in reality.

Jay says that he needs time to think about what he will do to make things right and leaves the house for some work.

Aradhna comes to meet Reyansh and tells him that he is not doing things right by making her husband lose his money and company under such false allegations.

Reyansh talks to some clients without paying any attention to Aradhna while Aradhna says that she wants him to stop his game.

Aradhna says that she is begging for her family's welfare from Reyansh and is ready to do anything he wants which makes Reyansh stop his actions and look at her.

However, Aradhna changes her tone and says that she will never do anything like that so Reyansh should not hope for such a scene to take place anytime soon.

Aradhna says that with each action of Reyansh, she is drifting away from him and the feelings inside her heart are getting replaced by something else.

Reyansh says that Aradhna does not even understand him completely at this point which leaves him disappointed.

Aradhna says that she knows that Reyansh wants to buy that house and force her to live in it with him to which Reyansh replies that he will never buy a house where Aradhna has lived with another man.

Reyansh says that he did everything to show Aradhna how weak Jay is and that he does not have the fighting spirit as Reyansh who can protect Aradhna with his everything.

Aradhna is left shocked and says that Jay is way different compared to Reyansh and is not weak from any angle which she will prove to him soon.

Meanwhile, Jay drinks at the bar and says that he has lost his house and business which belonged to his father when Vikram comes there to comfort Jay.

Vikram asks Jay not to lose hope and updates him that the lawyer has refused to help them which makes Jay laugh hysterically.

Jay says that he will pay for everything soon while Vikram says that Jay cannot leave the country and is stuck here which is why Reyansh has played so dirty against him.

Vikram asks Jay to control himself as he is not the same as Reyansh but Jay says that he feels hopeless after which Vikram notices Aradhna calling Jay.

Jay asks Vikram to tell Aradhna that he is with the doctor after which Vikram lies to Aradhna and her car passes by Vikram and Jay without noticing them.

Elsewhere, Jagriti informs Varun and Neeta that they need to bath with a bucket in their house after which Neeta decides to go to a dinner party to look for some connections.

The next day, Jay comes back home after gaining consciousness and Aradhna finds an alcohol bottle in his bag which Jay says belongs to Vikram.

Neeta informs Jay that his old friend, Bani Mittal is ready to help them in their case as she is a great lawyer at present.

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