Barsatein 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 22nd January 2024 episode starts with Reyasn telling Aradhna that Bhakti is stable which makes Aradhna thank him.

Reyansh calls Jay useless and says that he is on his hit list to which Aradhna says that he is just increasing her BP.

Neeta comes and gives Aradhna a lot of money to which Aradhna asks how did she get so much money.

She replies that it is from her deferred account to which Reyansh says that he has already paid for Bhakti's treatment.

Aradhna thanks him and asks him to go however Neeta asks Aradhna to go back home as they will take shifts for taking care of Bhakti.

Later, Neeta sneaks into Bhakti's ward and whispers to her that she will now put Bhakti out of her misery.

She then stops the blood being supplied to Bhakti when Reyansh comes.

He goes to her and says that he will find out who did this to Bhakti while Neeta pretends and says that she is very worried about Bhakti.

Reyansh says that he will give company to Neeta all night.

A while later, Aradhna sees Reyansh taking care of Bhakti and tells him that she has sent Neeta home and will take her place in the hospital.

Reyansh asks Aradhna to eat something because she gets 'hangry'.

He then gives her some food and tells her that she needs to remain healthy if she wants to take care of her mother.

Aradhna shares the food with Reyansh after which Reyansh puts a quilt over her and tells her to rest a little.

She tells Reyasnh that she suspects foul play in Bhakti's accident to which Reyansh says that she is overthinking and then gives her some coffee.

The next day, the police come and take Reyansh's statement while Aradhna sees that right before Bhakti's accident, the last person she called was Reyansh.

Meanwhile, Reyansh finds a hotel card that he remembers belonged to Jay.

He goes to Aradhna and says that Jay is up to something as he lied to her about his previous night's whereabouts.

He tells Aradhna that Jay was not at home but was at a hotel to which Aradhna replies that he went there to meet with a lawyer.

Reyansh says that he will expose Jay in less than 24 hours however Aradhna does not want to hear any more of it.

Elsewhere, Neeta is promising someone on call to complete the delivery by today.

She asks Jay to complete the delivery so he heads out.

Aradhna sees him and wonders where is he going however she does not stop him and asks Neeta where Jay is going.

Neeta tells Aradhna that he is going to deliver a parcel to her friend however Neeta soon realizes that Jay has left one parcel at home.

Aradhna offers to give it to Jay as he must be near.

Meanwhile, Reyansh follows Jay to catch him in the act, he sees Jay delivering a package.

Jay leaves however Reyansh stays and wonders who these people are and what the contents of the packages and after waiting a while, he finds out that it is a drug delivery.

Aradhna reaches there with the package however Jay is not there and a man goes to her with a gun threatening to kill her if she does not give him the package.

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