Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Jay introducing Aradhna to Varun.

Varun tells Aradhna why Jay keeps talking about her and compliments her.

Jay gets a call from his dad informing him about an important meeting scheduled in Singapore and he wants Jay to attend it on his behalf.

Jay asks Aradhna to accompany him to Singapore but Aradhna gets a bit hesitant.

Jay insists her on coming and tells her that she'll also get to cover a big event after the meeting.

Meanwhile, Kriti is on a call with Varun and confirms Jay and Aradhna's Singapore plans with him.

Kirti gets restless and meets Reyansh while Reyansh tells Kriti in a calm manner that he's all set to marry Aradhna.

Kriti scoffs at him, informing him that Jay and Aradhna are going to Singapore and maybe as well get married there.

Reyansh gets impulsive and visits Jay’s office and confronts him.

Reyansh challenges Jay to take Aradhna with him while him being there.

Aradhna determinantly shoots back at Reyansh by saying that it's 2023 and she's responsible for her own decisions and actions.

Enraged by all this, Reyansh snatches Jay's passport from his hands and tears it down.

Jay shouts at Reyansh for his actions and tells him that he has to attend a very important meeting in Singapore.

Reyansh taunts Jay, telling him that he knows that they are going to Singapore to get married under the mask of this meeting.

Aradhna taunts Reyansh that once he had knowledge about business but now he's just a goon while Reyansh forcefully holds Aradhna and asks her if they aren't going to Singapore to get married.

Jay shakes off Reaynsh’s grip around Aradhna and asks Reyansh to talk to him instead.

Aradhna redirects Reyansh's attention to herself and Reyansh asks her again whether they're going to get married to which Aradhna replies yes they are.

Reyansh doesn't believe her and Aradhna counters him and says if he already knows the truth then why is he creating all this drama?

Jay and Reyansh engage in a verbal fight and Reyansh gets contended that Jay and Aradhna are not going to get married and leaves.

Reyansh gets into his car and finds Aradhna in the driver's seat.

Aradhna drives in a frenzy and Reyansh asks her to slow down but Aradhna poses a situation in front of Reyansh and drives towards an approaching truck.

Reyansh is ready to die with Aradhna but she takes a turn and saves them both.

Aradhna explains to Reyansh that she doesn't hate him but doesn't want to be with him either.

Reyansh agrees on the condition that Aradhna goes on a date last time with him for one evening to which she agrees.

Meanwhile, Akash gets furious with Jay and accuses him of ruining his own life and makes him count all his bad decisions.

Akash being fed up with Jay tells him that he'll himself call Bhakti and tell her that they have accepted their proposal for Aradhna and Jay's marriage.

Jay texts Aradhna and asks her to meet while Kriti gets informed about Jay and Aradhna's meet-up from Varun.

Jay and Aradhna talk about getting married and Jay shows Aradhna the ring he got for her.

Reyansh visits the scene after Kriti tells him that Aradhna will not come to meet him as she's with Jay right now.

Reyansh feels betrayed and concludes that Jay is proposing to Aradhna and they're getting engaged.

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