Barsatein 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 22nd September 2023 episode starts with Aradhana panicking when she learns that the letter is not there while Reyansh asks her to find it properly.

However, Aradhana looks out for the letter everywhere and lashes out at Reyansh, blaming his presence and interference in her life leading Reyansh to ask her to calm down.

Aradhana tells Reyansh to stop the car and after multiple tries, Reyansh stops the car reluctantly when Viren enquires if everything’s fine to which Reyansh replies that they were just looking out for something.

Further, Aradhana continues to panic and warns Reyansh to stop the car as she needs to return to the house when she gets triggered by his casualty about the matter and blames him for everything.

This leads Reyansh to yell back at her for always blaming him in any situation despite his million-dollar efforts and comments that Aradhana doesn’t even have enough guts to reveal the truth and confront her mother.

Getting frustrated by Reyansh’s comments, Aradhana warns Reyansh to stop the car otherwise she’ll jump out of it leading Reyansh to finally let her get out of the car.

Aradhana stands alone on the road, covered with huge dense forests and feels anxious about the surroundings while Reyansh rebukes Aradhana for being stubborn and feels dicey about leaving her alone.

Meanwhile, Aradhana starts walking towards the forest area without noticing the board of Danger zone ahead and that’s when she encounters a group of six boys sitting with beer bottles in their hands.

The group of goons immediately opens their eyes wide in shock and comment that a fairy has landed in the forest today leading Aradhana to feel uncomfortable about it.

Aradhana tries to escape from there while the goons start bothering her, passing inappropriate comments and trying to seduce her.

However, Aradhana somehow tricks them and runs away from there while the goons follow her rashly in order to catch her leading Aradhana to almost get hit by a car that suddenly appeared on the highway.

The driver gets out of the car and looks at Aradhana’s condition, asking her if she needs any help to which Aradhana first refuses, trying to cut out the matter but the goons hold her hand leading her to strike him in his face.

Aradhana refuses the professionally dressed, driver about needing any help while on the other hand, Reyansh keeps calling Aradhana but is unable to reach them.

Meanwhile, Aradhana is annoyed by the goons bothering her and makes a savage comeback by picking the stone in a stylish manner while covering it with her scarf and starts attacking the goons with it, using it as a weapon.

Suddenly, one of the goons catches hold of Aradhana leading the driver to ask her again if she needs any help while the goons rebuke him and call him a weak foreigner.

Six goons hold Aradhana’s hands but still, she kicks one of them leading him to fall to the ground when instantly he is about to attack her back with an iron chain.

Aradhana gets anxious about it when suddenly the handsome driver holds the chain back, preventing her from getting hurt and starts taking care of the goons leading Aradhana to glare at him with her hawk eyes.

Just then, the driver tells the goons to stop being violent when the police arrive and catch them.

Further, Aradhana thanks the driver for saving her while he turns the seriousness into a light conversation and Aradhana introduces herself to him, learning the driver’s name, Jai.

Jai asks Aradhana if he can drop her as he’s a very decent guy to which Aradhana smiles and nods, agreeing to drive with him.

On the other hand, Reyansh spots Aradhana passing by him in a car, wondering about the boy driving the car, he starts calling her repeatedly but Aradhana neglects his calls.

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