Barsatein 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 23rd January 2024 episode starts with Aradhna encountering a man who holds her at gunpoint asking her to give her the parcel.

Reyansh comes from behind saving Aradhna however the man frees himself and points the gun at Reyansh making Aradhna say that she will give him the parcel.

He signals Aradhna to follow his lead after which he throws a stone at the man's hand making the gun fall and run away.

Reyansh tells Aradhna how Jay is involved in the medicine scam and asks her to open the parcel.

Aradhna opens the parcel and finds bangles after which Reyansh asks to trust him because he witnessed with his own eyes.

A flashback takes place where it is shown that Neeta exchanged the parcel right before Aradhna left.

In the present, Aradhna asks Reyansh to stop blaming Jay for everything which makes Reyansh ask her to follow him to a hotel where he will prove what a big fat liar Jay is.

They both then go to the same hotel and see Jay shirtless and Bani breaking Aradhna's trust.

Jay says with a straight face that he made a mistake and then apologizes vaguely.

Later, Jay goes to Aradhna and says that it is difficult to forget one's first love and he knows that Aradhna can relate.

He says that they both should move on with their true love which Aradhna says is not that easy as she has invested her whole life in this relationship.

Reyansh sees the two together while Aradhna asks what she did to deserve this to which Jay says that it was Aradhna who used him like a doormat and now they should get separated.

Later, Aradhna mindlessly walks on the road when Reyansh goes to her and says that Jay never loved her truly as he did.

Aradhna hugs Reyansh while babbling about how she sacrificed everything for Jay and he betrayed her.

She addresses Reyansh as Jay which makes Reyansh tell her angrily that she should not cry for someone who does not care for her.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that Jay is the one who caused Bhakti's accident and is the one selling drugs which makes Aradhna ask him to shut up as her marriage has already ended.

Jay comes and tells Aradhna that he wants to talk to her however Aradhna declines and starts walking backward towards a danger board.

Jay pulls her angrily which makes Reyansh punch him leading Jay to punch him back.

In a rage, Jay yells that he is going to vouch for Reyansh and Aradhna's relationship to which Reyansh replies that he does not want Aradhna in these circumstances.

Jay says that they both don't deserve Aradhna as they both have broken Aradhna's heart.

Aradhna asks them to come inside and talk as they are creating a scene.

Just then, Reyansh gets a call from the police informing him that Jay's car caused the accident and also tells him that Jay's hand and watch were seen on the CCTV.

Meanwhile, Jay tells Aradhna not to talk about last night as they have to go visit Bhakti.

Back at the police station, Reyansh tells Vikram that Jay is a drunken fool who has changed into a monster fully.

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