Barsatein 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 23rd November 2023 episode starts with Jay confessing his feelings to Aradhna.

Jay tells Aradhana that he does want to marry her and loves her very much.

Meanwhile Reyansh witnesses all of this and calls Jay a fraud for offering a ring to Aradhna.

Reyansh’s anger escalates very quickly and he starts bashing Jay both verbally and physically for trying to steal her girl and betraying him as a friend.

Due to all this ruckus happening in the society compound, all the neighbours and Aradhna's family members reach the scene.

Aradhna tries to stop Reyansh but Reyansh pushes her aside as well.

The neighbours talk ill about Aradhna's character and affirm that Reyansh is the one she's supposed to get married to.

Aradhna takes everything in while Reyansh keeps hitting Jay and the neighbours talk very ill about her and her family. 

Finally, Aradhna decides to step up and pick up the ring that Jay had got for her.

Aradhna determinantly asks Jay if he'll marry him while Ray and Reyansh can't fathom what just happened.

Aradhna steps ahead and asks Jay to marry her and insists he put the ring on her finger.

Jay obliges while Reyansh gets teary-eyed and feels heartbroken.

Aradhna informs Reyansh that she'll get married to Jay ten days after Diwali while Reyansh tries to talk Aradhna into revoking her decision as she only loves him.

Aradhna agrees with him but tells him she'll not marry him as he's not trustworthy.

Feeling helpless, Reyansh falls at Bhakti's feet and pleads with her to stop Aradhna but Bhakti tells Reyansh that Aradhna has announced her decision already 

Aradhna takes Jay's hand in hers and leaves the scene while Reyansh watches them in pain.

Jay and Aradhna talk about their decision to get married as she talks about moving on.

Jay agrees and is about to say I Love You to Aradhna but she cuts him off saying she can offer him friendship and partnership but can never give him love.

Aradhna thinks to herself that she's repeating the history and acting just like Reyansh’s mother did.

Meanwhile, Reyansh is blabbering on the roadside being drunk about killing Jay.

Jay tries to talk some sense into Reyansh but he blames him for destroying him instead and leaves.

Bhakti calls Jay and tells them to send his parents to their home so they can further decide the wedding details.

Meanwhile, Reyansh is hit by a car and a woman comes out of the car.

Reyansh looks at the mystery woman and smiles.

Bhakti runs errands to ensure everything is perfect to host Jay’s family as the doorbell rings and Aradhna opens the door and seems startled to see someone.

Jay's mother comes to meet Jay and they talk about Aradhna.

It appears that Malini has come to see Aradhna and embraces her in a hug.

Malini tells Aradhana that she's very happy about Aradhna's decision to marry Jay.

She further reveals that she was the mystery woman who had hit Reyansh with her car.

Malini tells Bhakti that Reyansh is planning on destroying Jay and Aradhna.

While Aradhna is worried about Reyansh's well-being, Malini tells Bhakti that if they want Aradhna to be happy, they have to keep Reyansh away from her.

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