Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Kriti telling everyone to take a family selfie while Aradhana feels flustered. 

Just then, Kimaya takes Aradhana to join the group while Kriti thinks that she will learn her lesson for always trying to be part of this family.  

She puts her foot forward and makes Kimaya trip and fall. 

Everyone becomes worried and Malini takes Kimaya inside when she cries in pain. 

Kimaya tells Malini that she is feeling a lot of pain while Malini assures her that she will not let anything happen to her. 

Malini asks Aradhana to go and keep everyone at bay and asks the doctor how long will he take. 

Aradhana offers to stay but Malini tells her that she cannot risk Kimaya becoming an object of gossip as she is about to get engaged.

Meanwhile, Aradhana feels conflicted as she knows that Reyansh will not agree to get engaged to Kimaya because he still thinks that he is getting engaged to her. 

She also worries that Reyansh will explode in anger and hurt Kimaya’s feelings. 

Meanwhile, Jai comes to Kriti, telling her that she has won but why did she try to trip Aradhana and end up tripping Kimaya? 

Kriti tells him not to worry as Aradhana will bring Reyansh and convince him to get engaged to Kimaya. 

After a while, Malini tells Aradhana that Kimaya has lost the baby while Kimaya is heartbroken at the loss of the baby. 

Malini tells her not to worry as in early pregnancy this kind of miscarriage is common but she should be thankful that she has someone who will be by her side through thick and thin. 

Aradhana comes out thinking about Kimaya who will not be able to handle Reyansh's rejection in such a weak emotional state and wonders what should she do to convince Reyansh. 

On the other hand, Kriti sees Reyansh coming down in a ragged state and offers to get his jacket ironed. 

Meanwhile, Reyansh is drying his Kurta when Aradhana comes to him and they flirt with each other. 

However, Koko’s voice brings him out of his daydream and he smiles to himself, thinking about his engagement that's going to take place very soon. 

On the other hand, Aradhana overhears Kimaya telling Malini that she is the one at fault because she is the one who cursed her own child and lost it. 

In the meantime, Koko discusses with Reyansh a couple of hashtags that she has made for him, and the best one according to her is RaYa. 

Reyansh looks surprised and tells her that it should be AraNsh when she tells him not to disturb it anymore as she has already written it. 

She leaves the card with Reyansh and tells him to come down soon. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana cries about being in a position where she is forced to sacrifice Reyansh for Kimaya. 

At the same time, Reyansh opens the card and is shocked to see Kimaya’s name instead of Aradhana. 

Kriti comes to Aradhana and tells her that Kimaya is very sensitive and will not be able to handle this situation, asking her if she will take care of this. 

Aradhana, having no choice promises her and decides to go and talk to Reyansh before he finds out. 

Vivek comes to Aradhana and tells her that she should get ready with the things he sent for her along with the hope necklace that will remind her to never lose hope. 

Aradhana tells Vivek that she will only do what is good for Rey and this family. 

At the same time, Reyansh goes to clear the confusion about his engagement but is pulled back before he can enter the room. 

End of Barsaatein today's episode written update.

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