Barsatein 24th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 24th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 24th August 2023 episode starts with Aradhana searching for a file in the dark in the library when she hears a banging sound and gets scared.

She is just about to hit the person who’s walking towards her while Reyansh holds her hand and scolds her for listening to her boss since Reyansh refused her to do this project.

However, Aradhana taunts her by saying that she’ll not let him ruin her life again and Reyansh sarcastically appreciates her taunts.

When Reyansh finds the file about the idol on which they are researching, he spots someone keeping an eye on him and he rushes to catch them.

Aradhana realizes that Reyansh is running after someone and follows him while Reyansh somehow manages to catch the goons and questions their name.

Just then, the goon shoots a bullet in Reyash’s hand and that’s when Aradhana appears there with her eyes open wide in shock and the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Aradhana rushes to him, making the goons run away from there while Reyansh lies on the floor in pain.

She kneels and finds herself in a battle with her mind and her heart when her mind forces her to reminisce about all the past deeds of Reyansh and how he has ruined her life.

Defeated by the brain, Aradhana gets up and starts walking away from Reyansh leaving him to suffer in agony.

Suddenly, she hears Reyansh calling out her name, making Aradhana’s mind lose to her heart once again as she rushes to him to help him further.

Aradhana helps him get up and assists him by somehow making him sit in the car.

Reyansh mocks saying that she follows him everywhere just to save him while Aradhana replies that he also follows her everywhere just to ruin her life.

On their way back, Reyansh pours liquor on the wound and screams in pain, making Aradhana cry miserably since she can’t see him in pain.

Meanwhile, Reyansh reveals his doubt about the other artifact stories and that he thinks the idol story is also related to them.

Aradhana feels guilty for not listening to him when he reveals how much he has respected her since the day she took his stand in front of Kadambari for not caring about him and being selfish.

This surprises Aradhana and she questions his way of showing his respect by humiliating her and accusing her of harassing him in front of everyone.

At Khanna’s residence, everyone is preparing for the marriage functions when they hear someone dancing and shouting on the Dhol beats.

Out of curiosity, everyone rushes to the main door when Kriti and Kemaya recognize the over-excited person stating that he is Viren’s best friend's son.

Further, everyone welcomes him into the house and that’s when he spots Aradhana and is already fascinated by her.

Arnab (the over-excited boy) tries to hit on Aradhana while Reyansh with a fracture in hand makes a heroic entry with Sunaina and Vikram, leaving everyone stunned.

However, Arnab introduces himself to Vikram and questions him about the fracture while Reyansh sarcastically replies that he got into a fight with Chandigarh boys.

Meanwhile, Aradhana spots a red colored veil and recalls that she has seen the same veil in the file of the idol while researching and also in Khanna’s house.

Arnab continues to hit on Aradhana and she gives him a little bit of attention just to make Reyansh jealous. 

Later, Ananya Pandey makes a flawless entry into Khanna’s house and questions Reyansh about his fracture when Reyansh informs her about being hurt for saving his ex.

Ayushman Khurana follows Ananya Panday and he also enters the house while Aradhana praises him for his acting.

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