Barsatein 24th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 24th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 24th January 2024 episode starts with Aradhna and Jay going to the hospital as Bhakti is ready to be discharged.

Aradhna tells Jagruti the truth about Jay which she is not able to believe however Aradhna says that she has a feeling that Jay is still hiding something from her or maybe she still wants to save the marriage.

Jagruti asks Aradhna not to give Jay another change to a guy like Jay.

Reyansh comes and tells Aradhna that he is working on Bhakti's case after which Aradhna tells Jay that she wants to pretend to be a happy husband and wife for some time for Bhakti's sake to which Jay agrees.

Aradhna asks Jay if he really wants to end the marriage or is he hiding anything to which Jay replies that he has started feeling for Bani.

She asks him to look into her eyes and say it however Jay does not and after that Bhakti comes out on a wheel chair all set to go back home.

They take Bhakti home however she does not talk to anyone at all because her motor system is hindered.

Reyansh comes to the house and says that he has some information on Bhakti's accident to which Neeta says that he should see what he is doing at such a critical time.

He asks Bhakti to give any reaction to him so that he can make out who did this her.

He tells her to signal towards the person who caused this accident which makes Bhakti look at Jay.

Reyansh then blames Jay however Aradhna scolds him and asks him to do away and not be this selfish.

However, Reyansh tells them that the car that caused the accident belonged to Jay which makes Neeta remember how she gave Jay's car to Varun to run it over Bhakti.

Bani tells everyone that Jay was with her that night after which Neeta says that Aradhna spends nights with Reyansh yet they trust her then why can't Aradhna trust them.

Aradhna says that she trusts Jay however Jay says that he is going to leave the house along with his family was he wants a divorce.

Neeta thinks to herself that she needs to keep an eye on Bhakti at all times and for that she needs to be in Aradhna's house so she vouches for Aradhna.

Later, Reyansh is investigating the drug case and promises to himself that he will expose Jay and also bring Bhakti to justice.

He calls Vikram and asks him to keep an eye on Jay and his family.

Meanwhile, Aradhna is working however she is completely taken over by the thoughts of her failed marriage with Jay.

Reyansh sees her and thinks to himself that soon Aradhna will realise how bad Jay is for her and then the two will get back together.

He goes to Aradhna and gives her some coffee after which he goes away.

He then goes to Bhakti and puts some flowers beside her while Jagruti offers him some sweets.

Aradhna sees how Reyansh and Jagruti tease each other while Reyansh thinks to himself that soon his love story will start again.

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