Barsatein 24th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 24th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 24th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhna being worried about Reyansh's well-being while Malini tells Bhakti that if they want Aradhna to be happy, they'll have to keep her away from Reyansh.

Malini talks about how Reyansh was blabbering about not letting Aradhna be with someone else while Bhakti states that she'll not let anyone harm Aradhna.

They begin to adorn Aradhana with beautiful pieces and get her ready to meet Jay's parents.

Meanwhile, Jay and his mom arrive at Aradhna's home when Bhakti and Harsh greet them.

Jay's mother takes Bhakti as a maid and asks her to call the homeowner while Jay handles the situation by referring to her as Bhakti ma'am, asking her where Aradhna ma'am is.

Neeti starts a conversation with them but cuts it very short as she spots Malini and greets her.

Jay's mother asks Malini why she's here and Malini replies that she's here for Aradhna as she's also like her daughter.

Further, Jay's mother apologises to Malini for whatever happened between Jay and Kriti.

Meanwhile, Reyansh gets into Aradhna's room when she asks him to leave and tells him that she'll not change her decision to marry Jay.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that he can't get away from her when she's all around her.

He starts kissing Aradhana but she jerks away and realises that she's been daydreaming this whole time.

Meanwhile, Neeti throws a tantrum about how she only eats no oil food and takes water only of a specific alkaline nature when Bhakti offers her food.

Neeti asks for Aradhna as she wants to meet her while Aradhana is baffled about her daydreaming when Jagruti asks her to come out to meet Jay's mother.

Jay's mother asks them to start the ceremony as she's very punctual about the muhurat.

Harsh tells her that they're also punctual about the muhurat timings and now that their shagun is already here, he'll call the pandit.

Aradhana compliments their choice for the neckpiece she's wearing assuming it's a gift from them.

Neeta tells them that all this isn't their shagun in the first place and they have brought their shagun with them.

She taunts Bhakti whether they're setting Aradhna up with someone else.

Meanwhile, Reyansh enters the society compound with a goods truck while Jay covers up for Aradhana and tells his mother that he has gifted the necklace to her.

Just then, a lot of parcels get delivered to Aradhna's house on Reyansh's orders.

Aradhana spots a frame with Reyansh and Aradhna's couple's names on it and leaves with it in her hands.

Meanwhile, Malini keeps Neeta occupied while Aradhana confronts Reyansh and sets the frame on fire.

She calls security, asking him to drag Reyansh out of there when Reyansh demands the security guard not to touch him and exhausts the fire with his hands.

He tells Aradhna that she can destroy their name but can't erase it and leaves with the frame in his hands.

Neeta takes a leave from Aradhna's house and taunts her to remember which one is their shagun.

Jay comforts Aradhna and tells her he'll handle it.

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