Barsatein 25th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 25th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 25th August 2023 episode starts with Aradhana and Ananya mocking the boys for their flattering reaction seeing Pooja dance on the stage.

Ananya asks Aradhana about her trick to teach Reyansh and Arnab a lesson for falling for every woman they see when Aradhana goes near the stage and spills oil over there, making Reyansh and Arnab fall.

Just then, Ayushman Khurana appears and reminds everyone about their new film Dream Girl 2, coming on 25th August 2023.

However, Aradhana can’t stop wondering about the idol and secretly escapes from the function to go to Khanna’s store room where she last saw a similar veil.

After reaching the storeroom, she finds the door locked when she tries to pull the door towards her in order to break the lock.

The lock doesn’t break, but somehow creates a small gap in between the door, helping Aradhana to spot the exact same idol that was stolen from the temple.

Aradhana is shocked to see the idol of crores of rupees in the Malini’s house and wonders the reason for it since Malini’s father is the dealer of the idols.

Just then, a servant catches Aradhana in the storeroom and questions her presence there while Aradhana makes up an excuse and leaves, learning that this is Malini’s personal storeroom and no one has the key to it.

Aradhana fights a battle with her brain wondering about Tripathi’s words when he tells her about the gang who do smuggling of idols but she immediately brushes off the thought of even accusing Malini of this.

Meanwhile, she realises that Malini even kept Aradhana a secret for these past years, so she can’t trust her about this but still, her heart refuses to accept it.

Aradhana asks Viren about covering Kemaya’s wedding BTS shots when Reyansh appears and snatches the opportunity from her.

He states that she’ll be under his wings now since Arnab is going to accompany Aradhana and he can’t let that happen.

Viren suggests Aradhana and Reyansh record the interviews of the family members when Aradhana calls Vikram and informs him that she knows something that she shouldn’t be aware of.

Meanwhile, Malini informs Viren about her leaving since she has a lot of things to take care of when Aradhana spots her and follows her.

Aradhana confronts Malini for escaping the party and sitting alone when Malini reveals that she got emotional there and that’s why she left.

However, Malini asks her about the interviews and Aradhana tells her that she wants to start with her first, making Malini feel special.

Malini mentions her habit of collecting something or other special from every place she visits while Aradhana questions her about a kid dress that she spots in Malini’s box.

She informs Aradhna about buying that dress in 1998 for her daughter when Aradhana cross-checks her by saying that Kemaya was born in 2000, and tells her about herself being born in 1998.

This makes Malini anxious and she hesitantly replies that she has a very bad memory while Aradhana states that she’s hiding her love for her daughters.

Suddenly, Aradhana starts questioning her about the Kul-Devi temple which means a lot to Malini, and tries to seek information about that but Malini asks her to stop questioning her now.

In the meantime, Reyansh shares about Aradhana knowing something about the idol Sunaina and Vikram and tells Vikram to fix Aradhana and Tripathi’s meeting tomorrow.

Reyansh expresses his love for Aradhana by saying that he wants her back anyhow while Sunaina compliments him for being in his sense.

The next morning, Reyansh is sitting in his car waiting for someone when he sees Aradhana and also spots a car behind her pacing towards her to hit her.

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