Barsatein 25th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 25th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 25th January 2024 episode starts with Reyansh coming out of the room as Jay comes in.

Jay sits on the bed to see Bhakti who cannot speak, and sits motionless.

Aradhana follows Reyansh out of the room where he mentions that he suspects Jay regarding Bhakti's accident.

However, Aradhana requests him not to pull Jay's name in this but he asks Aradhana to let him do his investigation.

Aradhana mulls over the fact that why Reyansh wants her out of this while Reyansh gets a phone call regarding the accident.

Later, Neeta comes into Bhakti's room and sweet-talks her, saying she is glad for her condition because now she won't be able to speak the truth.

Neeta sits on the bed and tells Bhakti who is motionless that she will strangulate her so every evidence is out of the way and begins to choke Bhakti.

Bhakti struggles but isn't able to make a sound when suddenly, Varun's wife comes into the room.

Neeta immediately releases Bhakti's neck and begins to cry crocodile tears which Varun's wife believes.

Varun's wife asks Neeta to take care of her health too as Neeta proceeds to come out of the room.

However, later, Neeta can be seen cursing her daughter-in-law while Bhakti is alone in the room.

Elsewhere, Aradhana comes to Bani's house and knocks at the door.

Bani gets speechless and shocked to see Aradhana while Aradhana steps in, questioning Bani why she is destroying someone else's house being a woman herself.

The question makes Bani uncomfortable but she lets Aradhana know that whatever house Aradhana is talking about was never a home but just a house with bricks.

She also says that before she didn't have a choice but now she does as Jay himself came to her.

Just then, Reyansh comes and greets Aradhana.

Aradhana asks him not to blame Jay or Bani again when Reyansh asks Bani about the money her bank account is getting.

Bani becomes too stunned to speak while Reyansh mulls over the prospect of Jay, Bani, and Neeta's trio's involvement in Bhakti's accident.

Jay also comes there and asks Reyansh and Aradhana why they are here.

Aradhana's heart grows heavy to speak but she tells Jay that she tried her level best to save their marriage but it doesn't seem that he wishes for the same.

After this, Aradhana leaves while Jay also becomes upset for a while.

Reyansh comes home and sees Kadambari playing her sitaar after which Kadambari says that she heard Jay is divorcing Aradhana.

She also mentions that this means he can have a second chance with the love of his life while an emotional Reyansh puts his head in his mother's lap.

Back at Aradhana's place, Jay comes into the room and tells her that their marriage was never true as it was fake.

This makes Aradhana so mad but Jay plays the victim card and states that Aradhana isn't even capable to talk about betrayal.

It is because she found so many reasons to meet Reyansh in their marriage while Aradhana is still reeling from the shock.

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