Barsatein 25th July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 25th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 25th July 2023 episode starts with Revati (Krishnan's sister) telling Aradhna that she is surprised to see Reyansh changed from Darr's SRK to Maahi Ve SRK.

Aradhna replies to Revati that they can handle any playboy by managing them strategically which makes Revati hopeful about Mayank's case.

Reyansh notices Aradhna talking to Revati and pulls her back to the dance floor while Kadambari comes to talk to Vikram and says that Reyansh seems to be genuinely happy right now.

As Kadambari asks Vikram about Aradhna and Reyansh's feelings toward her, Vikram says that his telling her about the matter would be unfair as she has never done anything as Reyansh's mother since their childhood.

Kadambari notices the ring dropping out of Reyansh's pocket and picks up the box after which she decides to make things right by helping Reyansh in confessing his feelings to Aradhna.

Coming to Aradhna, Kadambari tells her that she wants to talk to Aradhna while Aradhna says sorry for talking like that with Kadambari the previous day.

Kadambari says that Reyansh is happy these days from his heart and the sole reason is Aradhna herself after which she shows the ring to Aradhna.

Aradhna gets shocked to see the ring while Kadambari says that Reyansh is roaming with the ring in his pocket and might be hesitating to say his feelings to Aradhna after which Kadambari gives the ring to Aradhna and asks her to help Reyansh.

Watching the ring, Aradhna seems to be confused and says that it is too soon as they have not got to know each other and Reyansh has already reached the ring step.

Meanwhile, Reyansh searches for his ring and tells Vikram that he has lost it which makes Vikram gasp dramatically and he says that Reyansh at least has the heart to confess his feelings.

Vikram spots Aradhna and asks Reyansh to go to her and ask her about her feelings for him for which he does not need a ring.

As Reyansh comes in front of Aradhna, Aradhna hides the ring behind her and acts oblivious after which Reyansh says that he needs to say something to Aradhna.

Aradhna tells Reyansh that she knows what he is about to tell and spots Revati talking with some boy and guesses that her boyfriend has already arrived for which she has to rush there.

Reyansh takes his time to say things but Aradhna leaves without hearing him as Revati starts crying suddenly.

Micky turns out to be Mayank whom Aradhna dated in the past and now he is blackmailing Revati with her photos in his possession.

Aradhna comes to Revati and notices Revati losing consciousness while climbing the stairs after which Aradhna holds Revati in her arms but loses balance herself.

Reyansh catches Aradhna from falling and saves the two ladies while Vikram asks Aradhna and Reyansh to stop doing romance as Revati has fainted.

Later, Aradhna discovers that Mayank is the same person with whom she broke up and a flashback shows how Mayank tried to trap Aradhna by taking her to a hotel room.

Aradhna got out of the trap with intelligence but Revati could not and asks Aradhna to help her to which she agrees gladly.

The next day, Jagruti finds the ring in Aradhna's bag and gets shocked as Aradhna says that Kadambari gave her the ring.

Harsh comes and Aradhna says sorry to him as she feels bad not talking to him every day after which Harsh forgives Aradhna and the four of them have a happy family moment together.

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