Barsatein 25th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 25th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 25th September 2023 episode starts with Jai and Aradhana taking a rest at a tea stall while Jai offers a seat to Aradhana.

Aradhana gets mistaken as Malini's daughter

Aradhana expresses her happiness about drinking tea in kulhad and adds that she’s tired of drinking coffee leading Jai to inform her about his love for tea.

However, Aradhana tells him to hurry up as she’s getting late for the expo.

Jai is delighted to hear this and shares that he came to India just to attend the expo event leading Aradhana to smile back at him.

Meanwhile, Jai tells her that he’s aware of her being Malini Khanna’s daughter when Aradhana gets taken aback.

She gets upset as unfortunately, she can’t accept this fact in front of everyone while Jai shows a picture of her with Malini and her daughters on Instagram.

On the other hand, Kiki and Koko keep teasing each other when Kiki looks out for any handsome guy while Koko mocks her for being desperate.

Jai takes the initiative

Just then, they see Jai and Aradhana on stage in front of the podium, introducing themselves when Kiki comments on Aradhana always being around handsome guys leading Koko to say that it’s vice versa.

Aradhana keeps wondering about the missing letter that she wrote for Malini and calls at the Khanna mansion to enquire about the same but the servant replies negatively.

Meanwhile, Viren spots Jai and calls out his name, signalling him to join him and Malini following which Aradhana also comes there.

Viren informs him that Aradhana is going to be the best editor-in-chief in this whole city leading Jai to compliment her and Viren’s choice.

Just then, Kimaya questions Aradhana about Reyansh’s whereabouts to which Jai playfully replies that his car got punctured and he must be coming in a while.

Meanwhile, the anchor introduces the start of the program and announces that Viren’s team will go first for the presentation, making them worried about Reyansh’s absence.

Jai comforts Viren by taking the initiative and deciding to go first in order to provide some time for Viren’s team to be prepared.

Reyansh saves Khanna's reputation

However, Malini notices Kimaya upset and wishes for Reyansh to come soon as he’s the only one who can uplift her mood while Reyansh joins Aradhana’s table and scolds her for taking lift from a random stranger.

Aradhana continues to be mad at him and taunts him to get angry at her again which will automatically force him to break a beer bottle to express the anger of an angry young man.

Reyansh grits his teeth in anger while Aradhana informs him about the incident that happened with her on the highway and how Jai saved her from the goons, making him feel envious of Jai.

Suddenly, Reyansh goes on the stage, joining Jai and taking an opportunity to speak in front of the candidates while Aradhana and Viren worry about his next move.

However, Reyansh softly shares his facts in front of everyone, making them applaud his presentation while Jai looks at him with his damaged male ego.

Reyansh spills the beans about his friendship

Further, the Khanna family gathers around Reyansh and Jai when they both get down the stage and look at them, arguing with each other.

Reyansh gets aggressive and challenges Jai to hit him if he has the audacity to do so while Jai moves towards him leading both of them to hug each other suddenly.

Everyone is surprised to see them both giggling together when Reyansh discloses that Jai has been his best friend for 15 years, making Aradhana worry as she had spoken ill about Reyansh to him.

Just then, Akash Khurana also appears there and expresses how happy he is to see his son with Viren’s employee as Reyansh is just like a son to them.

Later, Vikram and Sunaina also greets Jai as they also know him already, making Aradhana smirk at them because Jai already knew everything about Reyansh still he pretended to be unaware of him.

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