Barsatein 26th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 26th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 26th December 2023 episode starts with Aradhna going to the office and telling Vikram that she needs to go back home early but she fears that Reynash might not grant her permission.

Reyansh says that she is right as her private matters should be separate from her professional matters.

He then says that she has to assist him in a meeting to which Aradhna says no saying that he can fire her.

Reynash says that she is defying a direct order and that will make him cut her salary.

Meanwhile, Jay is drinking like crazy when Akash enters and says that he has to promise him not to go back to his old habits as they got way out of hand.

Akash hugs him and then the two head out where Kriti is there holding a cake and asks Jay to accept her apology.

Jay throws the cake from her hand and asks Kriti to get out.

Kriti goes outside and calls Reynash telling him that his plan worked as Jay's anger issues are out of hand now.

Reynash goes to Aradhna who is standing all alone in the middle of the road and tells her that she can make a good housewife.

She says that she is so lucky that she did not marry him as he would have asked her to stay at home like a toxic man.

Reynash says that if he were her husband then he would have made her his boss.

He then asks her to sit in the car as they are late for the conference, Aradhna sits in the back seat which makes Reynash think how stubborn Aradhna is.

Reynash says that he is not her driver and asks her to sit in front which makes her eventually obey.

Reyansh and Aradhna reach the hotel when Aradhna asks where is everyone to which Reynash says that he is not everyone's PA.

Meanwhile, Jay is screaming in anger because of Reynash, he video calls Aradhna which makes her ask him if he is okay.

Jay requests her to come back home soon and then asks if Reynash is with her to which Aradhna says that Jay does not look okay.

Aradhna asks an employee where the meeting is to which the employee replies that the meeting is scheduled tomorrow, Jay gets furious hearing this.

Aradhna goes to Reynash and tells him that he has so much money so why doesn't he go to clubs and trouble the girls there?

He then says that Aradhna should fight with him less as they look like a married couple.

Aradhna says that no one will think that as he looks like a pervert and then asks Reynash to drop him off as the cab is not getting booked.

Reynash says that his car has broken down and if she wants she can go right now in the rain.

Aradhna goes in the rain which makes Reynash pull her back and say that he will make some arrangements.

He asks a man to give him their umbrella and gives him some money in exchange which makes Aradhna say that she will not go home in a single umbrella with him.

Reynash says that he has paid for it and won't get wet which makes Aradhna join him eventually.

Meanwhile, Jay overhears a couple of women gossiping about the fact that Aradhna is the breadwinner of the family.

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