Barsatein 26th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 26th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 26th January 2024 episode starts with Jay revealing that their marriage is fake and that is why they cannot get divorced

Aradhna is heartbroken and says that he lied to her face for all these months to which Jay says that she was the one who lied to him and kept meeting Reyansh.

He says that Aradhna is bad luck for him as the moment she came into her life, he lost all his money.

Jay passes the entire blame to Aradhna and says that now he is done and cannot suffer more and that is why he wants to be with Bani.

Aradhna says that just because of him, her entire family had to live in a web of lies.

Meanwhile, Neeta is very happy that Jay is leaving Aradhna to which Varun says that maybe Jay is in love with Bani.

Neeta says that she just wants to go from this rat house after which Varun asks for some money from Neeta as he wants to party.

She scolds him and asks him to go see what is going on in Jay's head which makes Varun call her a mother-in-law working in a daily soab.

Elsewhere, Vikram and Pooja are fighting over their respective friends after which Pooja gets a text from Aradhna informing her about the Jay incident after which Pooja tells it to Vikram.

Vikram says that it is great news and is about to call Reyansh when Pooja stops him saying that Reyansh will get too overexcited.

Meanwhile, Jagruti goes to Varun and asks him what he was talking about with Neeta about Jay and Aradhna.

Varun says that it is the biggest news ever however if she wants to know it then she needs to give him a thousand bucks.

Jagruti frowns however she gives him the money after which he tells her that Jay and Aradhna's marriage is not real and then says that Jagruti should be happy since she is a big Reyansh head.

Jagruti heads straight for Vikram and Pooja's house where she tells them that they need to unite Reyansh and Aradhna and for that, they can use her birthday occasion which falls tomorrow.

Vikram sends Reyansh a voicemail informing him about Aradhna and Jay.

Jagruti then goes back home and sees Aradhna sleeping and some sleeping pills are right next to her, she whispers that even though it is a very tough time for her yet Reyansh has always been with her.

Meanwhile, Vikram goes to Reyansh and together they start planning how he will propose to Aradhna.

He asks Vikram to become Aradhna and then starts proposing to him while Vikram keeps gaslighting him just like Aradhna did.

Reyansh still goes on and gives a very romantic speech after which Vikram says yes and then the two start dancing.

The next day, Neeta gets a call from someone whom she calls to the house after which Akash asks her who is she calling.

She says that she has not called her boyfriend and he should just let her be.

Neeta then asks Varun to open the door after which a beautiful girl named Priyanka enters and Neeta thinks to herself that now Bhakti's game will come to an end.

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