Barsatein 26th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 26th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 26th October 2023 episode starts with Reyansh telling Aradhana to be happy since he has become someone else's just as she wanted.

She asks him why he is doing this to which Reyansh just laughs and tells her that she calls him toxic when nothing is more toxic than a woman.

Malini sees Reyansh and Aradhana together

Aradhana tells him that she knows he didn't agree because of her as she sees it in his eyes while asking him what changed.

He tells her that nothing has changed and that he will bear two children, enjoying his life as he is not a drunkard lover like Devdas.

Reyansh states that he will marry for the sake of society and states that Kimaya is the perfect girl for him while they are just storms in each other's eyes.

He cries and the tears get mixed with raindrops as he imagines Kadambari in Aradhana and talks to her about how she has ruined his and his father's life while Aradhana tells him that she is not Kadambari.

Reyansh states that but she is a woman and starts talking about Viren stating that he is going to destroy the life of the man who ruined his family.

She continues asking him what is he talking about and holds him upright in the rain while Malini watches them and gets angry.

She recalls Kriti warning her about Aradhana and leaves, telling herself that she will not let anything hurt her daughter's happiness.

Reyansh and Aradhana Separate

Reyansh fights with Aradhana and pushes her away, stating that he has loved her, still loves her, and will continue loving her but will not pay a price for it anymore.

He states that they got together on a rainy day and once again on a rainy day they are separating from each other.

Reyansh walks backwards, watching Aradhana cry as he turns around and walks away wiping away his tears.

They both sit on different benches drenched in rain as they recall their moments together.

Later, Viren is drinking alcohol and listening to music when Reyansh comes there, asking to join.

Viren nods and tells him to pick anything from his music library while Reyansh scoffs noticing all of Kadambari's albums.

He tells Viren that Kadambari is his mother and laughs maniacally, stating that he should have told this earlier so that Viren can tell him how much of a fan he is of her.

Viren hesitantly hides his true feelings as he states that he likes many artists while Reyansh states that by looking at the amount of Kadambari's albums, it seems like he is a lover of her.

He sits and talks about how he wondered why Kadambari sang about longing when Vivek was always with them.

Viren gets anxious as Reyansh talks about Kadambari being in the same college as him and the possibility of them being lovers.

He drops the glass of alcohol and leaves to get another one.

Vivek blames Kadambari

On the other hand, Vikram talks to Aradhana about how he knows Reyansh has done the engagement for some other reason as he still loves her while Aradhana states that he has done it because of her.

Vikram states that there is something else and Aradhana nods wondering what it is.

Just then, Reyansh comes there playing drums, making everyone clap for him.

He talks about wanting to celebrate and says that his mother wanted him to be a singer but he chose something else and starts singing while dragging Kadambari, stopping her from leaving.

Reyansh also drags Viren along, making Kadambari uncomfortable while Vivek watches her gaze towards Viren and her hesitancy.

He drags Reyansh away who asks him how can he be happy when he is about to divorce his wife which surprises Vivek.

Vivek asks if this is why he is doing the engagement while Reyansh states that they will not be tied to Kadambari's duties anymore.

Reyansh walks away while Vivek goes to Kadambari and blames her for everything when she tells herself that she can't tell Vivek about Viren.

Vivek tells her that he will give her the divorce she desperately wants and leaves, telling her that she has no place in his house anymore.

Aradhana overhears their conversation and states that Reyansh is venting his anger towards Kadambari by ruining his life.

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