Barsatein 26th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 26th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 26th September 2023 episode starts with Kimaya telling Aradhana that he (Reyansh) is a very good friend while Aradhana misinterprets Reyansh as Jai, and agrees to Kimaya.

On the other hand, Jai comments that Reyansh changed wholly since he was left alone for a few years and has started falling in love with girls as he used to hate them earlier.

Just then, Vikram appears there and taunts Reyansh for forgetting him during the presence of his new best friend and warns Reyansh that he’ll not help him further while Jai mocks Vikram.

Jai offers a partnership with Reyansh

Meanwhile, Viren and Akash express their joy at meeting each other after so many years leading Viren to offer his partnership to Akash for the business world.

However, Akash rejects it and states that Jai will never want to work in partnership as he’s a very ambitious guy and believes in sole performance.

At the same time, the anchor announces the result, making everyone learn about the winner who is none other than, Jai Khurrana.

Everyone gets excited except Viren and Malini but they prefer to hide their actual feelings behind a fake smile.

On the stage, Jai starts praising Reyansh’s skills to filter even the smallest news and calls him onto the stage while offering him to become his partner in the business world and asks Viren if he has any issues.

The Khanna family along with Reyansh’s team jumps in excitement after hearing Jai’s offer while Viren gives his blessings to the boys for taking the business ahead.

Elsewhere, Jai tells Reyansh that he is planning to stay in India only in order to get settled like him leading Reyansh to playfully ask him if he’s in love with someone.

Jai replies to him that the future is uncertain and maybe he too can fall in love with someone just like Reyansh while both stare at Aradhana unbeknownst to each other’s feelings.

Further, Aradhana stands alone, wondering about the letter she wrote for Malini when Reyansh appears there leading Aradhna to lash out at him for misplacing the letter.

Aradhana and Reyansh reveals about their past

Just then, Kiki joins them leading Jai, Vikram and Sunaina also join them when Kiki tries to flirt with Reyansh and Jai, asking them to reveal the harsh memory that their ex gifted them in their past.

In contrast to this, Jai continues to behave like a green flag leading Aradhan to get started about her past and revealing that her ex(Reyansh) gave her trauma for the rest of her life.

Reyansh gets into the competition and shares that her ex always used to think of herself as the right person.

One thing leads to another when Aradhana and Reyansh continue to add to their revelation about their exes, hurting each other’s sentiments.

On the other hand, Viren suddenly remembers the letter that he found earlier and gives it to Malini, informing her that one of her daughters must have written it for her.

Malini is delighted to see the letter while Aradhana looks at the letter in Malini’s hand, and that’s when Viren puts the letter in Malini’s bag, asking her to read it later.

Meanwhile, Kimaya gets some fake sympathy from some of her so-called well-wisher aunty who succeeds in making Kimaya more depressed about the situation.

Reyansh changes Aradhana's letter script

Aradhana blames Reyansh for being the problem in her life and accuses him of reading her confidential letter leading Reyansh to deny it.

Suddenly, Malini starts looking out for Kimaya to which Aradhana and Reyansh assure Malini that nothing will happen to Kimaya.

Finally, Reyansh spots Kimaya upstairs and joins her, softly talking to her about how bad it is to vent out our anger on someone else when suddenly, Malini, Kiki, Koko and Aradhana come there.

Aradhana questions Kimaya if she’s fine leading Kimaya to reply that Reyansh will never do anything wrong to her, making Aradhana surprised.

Later, Koko notices tears in Kiki’s eyes leading Kiki to express that she’s ready to sacrifice her love (Reyansh) for Kimaya.

Elsewhere, everyone is sitting together at the table when Malini appears there, asking for their permission as she wants to read the letter loud out that one of her daughters has gifted her, making Aradhana anxious.

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