Barsatein 27th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 27th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 27th December 2023 episode starts with Aradhna and Reyansh walking home in the middle of the night under a single umbrella.

Reyansh asks Aradhna why is she getting so repulsed by him and not walking closely to fit in the umbrella to which Aradhna replies that their distance is necessary,

He then says that the rain wants them to be together and then throws the umbrella away.

Aradhna tries to get the umbrella back but ends up looking deep into Reyansh 's eyes while the rain drenches the two wet.

Reyansh then pulls her closer and splashes some water on her cheeks after that he twirls her.

The tension between the two increases after which Reyansh takes a rose and brushes it against Aradhna's lips.

He bends forward to kiss Aradhna but right at that moment, he comes back to reality and finds out that he has been imagining everything.

Aradhna asks him why he zones out for 5 minutes to which Reyansh replies that Aradhna is only romantic in his dreams and not in reality.

Meanwhile, Neeta insults Bharti and her food while Varun asks Jay where Aradhna is as it is 10 pm.

Elsewhere, Reyansh gets his car while Aradhna asks him to drive faster which makes Reyansh start driving like a maniac.

He then stops the car abruptly which makes Aradhna ask him what he wants to which he says that he wants her.

Aradhna asks Reyansh to be within his limits to which Reyansh replies while coming closer that he is her ex.

She says that she will break his face and then push him back, Reyansh says that in India half the population does not love their marital partners.

Aradhna does not say anything and then asks him to drop her home.

Back at home, Jay is overthinking when Neeta goes to him and tells him not to be so hard on himself.

Neeta says that everything is Aradhna's fault to which he says that it is not Aradhna's fault that he fell in love with him.

Jay says that he will somehow get the business back to which Neeta says that they will build their empire back together with the help of Bani.

Meanwhile, a flower seller asks Aradhna and Reyansh to buy some roses as he wants to buy dinner for his mother.

Aradhna and Reyansh both buy a flower each after which Jay calls Aradhna, asking where she is.

She says that she has to go to the office for an urgent meeting which makes Jay hang up the phone angrily as he knows she is still with Reyansh.

Later, Jay goes to Reyansh's office while Aradhna sees him and asks him to wait in the reception for her.

Aradhna immediately wraps up the meeting after which Reyansh mocks her, pointing out how insecure Jay is.

Reyansh adds that Jay can join the office and keep an eye on them to check if they are having an affair.

Aradhna gets angry and slips which makes Reyansh hold her, Jay sees the two through their shadows which makes him even angrier.

She goes outside and Jay yells at her for breaking his trust, Reyansh goes to Jay and tells him that he cannot talk to Aradhna in this tone.

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