Barsatein 27th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 27th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 27th November 2023 episode starts with Aradhana and Reyansh looking at each other when they're interrupted by Mailini taking Aradhana with her.

Meanwhile, Neeta taunts Jay about loving Aradhna while she is wearing someone else's gifted necklace.

Jay affirms that the necklace was gifted to Aradhana by him.

Neeta says that they'll plan a massive party for Jay's wedding and asks him about Vikram and Reyansh joining them as well.

Arman says that Reyansh will not be coming to the party & Neeta seems taken aback by this and asks him why won't he come as he's Jay's best friend.

Neeta Gets Curious about Ray

Jay replies that he was his best friend but not anymore.

Aradhana and Malini appear to be walking towards Reyansh and he contemplates that they're coming to talk to him.

To Reyansh's surprise, Malini and Aradhna pass right in front of him and get inside the car ignoring him.

Neeta enquires about the turmoil in Reyansh and Jay's friendship and figures out that it's because of Aradhna by joining the obvious dots.

She blames Aradhna for breaking relationships and taunts about how many more relationships will be broken by Aradhna's hand.

Jay says to his mom that when the relations are weak, no one is to blame, and besides she doesn't know Aradhna yet.

Malini and Aradhna reach Kadambari's house and bang the bag filled with Reyansh's gifts that he had sent to their home at Kadambari's feet.

Malini Scolds Kadambari

Malini lashes out at Kadambari and blames her for everything and especially for not putting effort into raising his son. 

Reyansh interrupts Malini but she shuts him off and says that she's talking to his mother.

Meanwhile, Neeta asks Akash about the merger deal with Reyansh while Akash tells her that the deal went off as Jay figured that it isn't working anymore.

Neeta blames Akash and Jay for ruining their business based on personal things, especially for Kriti.

Akash tries to clarify that it was a misunderstanding and Jay actually loves Aradhna and not Kriti.

Neeta says that she can't fathom what's so special in that girl.

Malini continues to blame Kadambari for all of Reyansh's behaviour.

Aradhana tells Kadambari that maybe Reyansh has forgotten that Shagun is gifted on happy occasions but certainly she isn't happy about receiving it.

Aradha invites Vivek

Aradhna asks Kadambari to make Reyansh understand that she's going to be someone else's and hands her the invitation card to her wedding.

Kadambari is surprised to see Jay's name on the card and starts to advise Aradhna not to repeat the mistake that she has committed once but Malini shuts her off.

Aradhana tells Kadambari that she's here to invite Vivek while she and her son are not invited.

Neeta concludes that Arandhna will destroy them so she affirms to break her and Jay's marriage and resorts to Reyansh for it.

Reyansh looks at the card and shouts that he will not let this wedding happen.

Kadambari tries to stop Reyansh but he walks off.

Meanwhile, Kriti calls Malini and she asks her to meet at a restaurant.

Kriti lashes out at Malini for hiding her affair and the fact that Aradhna is her daughter.

She blames Aradhna for destroying her and her sister's life and blames Malini for siding with Aradhna always.

Malini tries to explain herself but the situation worsens when Kriti gets to know that Malini is staying with Aradhna.

Kriti processes the information about Aradhna while she gets a call from Neeta.

Neeta invites Kriti for a drink.

She tries to manipulate Kriti into breaking Jay and Aradhana's marriage and Kriti tells her all about Reyansh and Aradhana's story.

Jay confronts her mother and Kriti and asks Kriti to get lost and warns Neeta that if she conspires anything against Aradhana, she'll lose her son.

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