Barsatein 27th October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 27th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 27th October 2023 episode starts with 

The episode starts with Aradhana standing alone when Kadambari appears there, questioning her about Reyansh’s sudden change of plans in his marriage.

This triggers Aradhana’s anger leading her to lash out at Kadambari for running Reyansh’s childhood as she blames Kadambari for Reyansh’s toxic behaviour.

Aradhana accuses Kadambari of loving Viren and marrying Vivek which has deeply affected Reyansh forever and has turned him into a real red flag.

However, Kadambari refuses to accept the allegations as she’s not the one who left her love, Viren and married Vivek.

She explains to Aradhana how she married Vivek under family pressure and adds how her past has eventually returned to her destiny leading Aradhana to get curious about Kadambari’s past.

Kadambari finally reveals the name of her past while Aradhana stands in shock to learn about Kadambari and Viren’s past.

Further, Aradhana rushes to Aradhana and snatches a glass of drink from his hand while telling him to cancel his wedding with Kimaya as she knows his evil motive behind this marriage.

Reyansh sarcastically asks her if she met with Kadamarbari Devi, calling both of them the most lovable women in his life.

However, Aradhana tells him softly how Viren is not at fault as whatever happened in the past was mutually decided by both, Kadambari and Viren.

Reyansh questions her if she will marry him to which Aradhana agrees without taking even a second leading Reyansh to yell at her for swapping his place here and there like a toy.

On the other hand, Malini feels restless while recalling the moment when she spotted Aradhana and Reyansh getting close to each other on a rainy night.

Just then, Kriti spots Malini and decides to provoke her against Aradhana as she starts talking about Aradhana’s character and how she likes to seek guys' attention.

Malini tells Kriti that she feels Aradhana is hiding something about her past leading Kriti to reveal how Aradhana and Reyansh were together in Delhi and a Me2 case was filed against her, shocking Malini.

Meanwhile, Reyansh continues his insane behaviour, calling himself a selfish guy as he wants to torture Viren since he snatched the part of love from Vivek’s life.

Aradhana asks him to calm down while Reyansh frantically asks her if they both belong to the same family and then, immediately brushes off the topic as he calls it confusing.

Further, Reyansh with teary eyes asks Aradhana if she has ever seen her dad begging for love when he reveals that he has seen Vivek crying and begging for his part of love from Kadambari.

He tells Aradhana that he’ll make sure Viren cries for his daughters in future while Aradhana interrupts him, telling him that she’ll never let this happen.

However, Reyansh warns Aradhana to stay out of the matter or else, he’ll make sure to ruin her life too.

Elsewhere, Malini promises Kriti that she will not let Aradhana meddle in her daughters' lives while Kriti smirks, planning to throw Aradhana out of the city real soon.

The next day, Kadambari meets Viren at a cafe and both of them discuss their fate leading Viren to express how shocked he is as their children love each other.

On the other hand, Aradhana asks Malini to call off Kimaya's wedding with Reyansh as he's not right for Kimaya while Malini looks at her revengefully.

Viren is about to leave when he keeps his hand on Kadambari's shoulder, thanking her for everything when someone captures the moment.

Malini takes Aradhana upstairs and confronts Reyansh about him not loving Kimaya.

Just then, Kimaya appears there in a red saree leading Reyansh to pretend to admire her.

He tells Kimaya how important love is in the marriage leading him to give an earring to Kimaya as he is taking her for a movie.

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