Barsatein 27th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 27th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 27th September 2023 episode starts with Aradhana taunting Reyansh that he’ll even use this letter against her in the future by blackmailing her.

Reyansh snatches the letter from her hand and tears the pages into pieces.

He then goes on to chew the paper and swallow it, assuring her that now her secret will remain safe inside him.

Meanwhile, Kimaya walks into the passage when Malini appears there and explains to Kimaya the importance of moving on when life gives them another chance to fall in love with someone and teases Kimaya for always thinking about Reyansh.

Malini regrets losing Aradhana 

Further, Malini sits alone in her room with her secret box, admiring Aradhana’s childhood photos and crying over the fact that she has kept her a secret.

She gets emotional wondering about how grown up Aradhana would have been by now and prays for Aradhana’s happiness no matter where she might be.

Just then, Viren knocks on the door leading Malini to hurry up as she has to hide the box from him but unfortunately, she drops it on the floor.

Viren questions her about sitting alone in a dark room while Malini asks the reason for his arrival.

On the other hand, Reyansh drives back to his house, wondering about all the efforts that he is investing in just to gain Aradhana‘s trust back while Aradhana thinks about giving Reyansh a second chance.

Reyansh adds that everyone deserves a second chance in love while Aradhana wonders how can she give a second chance to a person who snatched everything from her.

Aradhana considers Jai as her boss

The next morning, Khannas are sitting together for a family breakfast when Viren expresses how happy he is as today is Jai’s first day in the office.

Meanwhile, Malini teases Kimaya and Kriti, telling Viren that love is in the air.

However, Malini pitches if she should talk to Jai’s mother about Kriti leading Kriti to get excited and jump to the conclusion that she should definitely talk to his mom

This forces Malini to call Mihika (Jai’s mother) and have a nostalgic conversation with her, remembering their old times.

She shares about her daughter, expecting a positive reply from her side while Mihika also agrees to Jai’s relationship with any of Malini’s daughters.

On the other hand, Reyansh and Aradhana get into a heated argument where Aradhana is stubborn about covering the property land story while Reyansh stays stubborn about making her cover a salon story.

This leads Aradhana to call Jai her boss instead of Reyansh, however, Jai softly explains to her about being a team player and tries to motivate Aradhana to cover the salon story to which Aradhana becomes speechless.

She apologises to Jai and Reyansh for not behaving like a team player while Reyansh gets taken aback to hear sorry coming from Aradhana and mocks her.

Reyansh confesses his love 

Meanwhile, Kimaya informs Aradhana about the salon on which Aradhana has to cover a story and tells her that the Khannas are also invited there, asking Aradhana to join them.

Reyansh praises Kimaya for being a perfect team player, making her blush and leading Aradhana to compare Jai’s soft-spoken skills with his.

Further, Reyansh smirks at Jai for becoming a hero in Aradhana’s eyes while Jai teases him for becoming the hero in her dream girl’s (referring to Kimaya's) eyes when Reyansh misinterprets her as Aradhana.

Later, Viren spots Reyansh and Jai enjoying their coffee together when he goes to them, expressing how proud he is to see both of them working together.

Jai requests Reyansh to take the boss position to which Reyansh replies that he has come to seek his love once again and will return to Delhi soon.

Aradhana overhears their conversation and drags Reyansh with her to a very secretive place while Reyansh mocks that he’s scared of her as he doesn’t find her intentions good.

She yells at him for taking everything as a joke, informing him how serious it is for her as he ruined her whole life and even forced her to change her place but he didn’t stop.

Aradhana lashes out at him for coming to Dehradun to bother her again and tells him that she’s very well aware of his true colours.

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