Barsatein 28th December 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 28th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 28th December 2023 episode starts with Jay telling Reynash that he should not talk about trust as he was just kidding and is here because it is midnight and he wanted to celebrate his birthday with her.

He then turns to Aradhna and asks her to cut the cake with him, Aradhna sings him happy birthday and then they eat the cake as Reynash watches them angrily.

Meanwhile, Neeta is washing her face and has applied the face wash all over when the water goes off.

She is unable to open her eyes and search for water which makes her trip, Varun comes and screams that she is looking like a witch.

He then immediately brings her water after which she starts whining and says that she wants Bani as only she can get them out of this problem.

Back on the road, Jay and Aradhna are walking home and noticing the little things like the stars and the sky.

Aradhna gives Jay his birthday present which is a golden bracelet with 'A' and 'J' engraved on it.

The next day, Aradhna texts Jay that she will come home in 30 minutes when Vikram comes and tells her that they have to report a big attack live right now.

Meanwhile, Jay has prepared a romantic candlelight dinner in a tent and waits for Aradhna when he gets a notification about the explosion and calls Aradhna.

Aradhna tells him that she is heading over there only to which Jay says that if she needs anything she can tell him.

A while later, Aradhna reaches the site and starts reporting by targeting the government for its incompetence.

Aradhna opens a car and finds a woman hiding in it, she helps her out of the car and tells her that now the danger has subsided.

Later that woman tells Aradhana that she just landed from London for the love of her life and maybe that is why she made it alive even after the explosion.

She tells her that she has come to help out her love as he is in a very big problem to which Aradhna says that this is true love.

Reynash enters and asks Aradhna why has she left the site after which Aradhna introduces the woman to him which makes Reynash wonder if he has seen her somewhere.

Aradhna thinks to herself that Reyansh seems just a little too interested in the woman which makes Reynash think that Aradhna is getting insecure.

The woman says that her name is Bani after which Reynash offers to drop her home however Aradhna says that she has completed her report and she will drop Bani off.

Aradhna takes Bani to her own home and introduces her to Bharti, Jay sees Bani and gets very happy asking her how she landed here.

Bani says that Neeta contacted her after which Neeta enters and hugs her happily.

Neeta tells Aradhna that Bani is a very good lawyer and then introduces Aradhna as Jay's wife which washes off the color from her face.

Aradhna then understands that Bani was talking about Jay earlier, Bani hugs Jay after which Aradhna says that she has heard a lot about Bani.

Later, Bani and Jay are pillow fighting and laughing after which Bani offers to watch Jay's favorite movie.

Neeta asks Aradhna to sleep as she does not care about Jay's birthday however Jay has Bani and her.

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