Barsatein 28th July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 28th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 28th July 2023 episode starts with Reyansh telling his housekeeper that Aradhana is a foodie and eats a lot and tells him to make a lot of things for her. 

Meanwhile, VK is happy to see the excitement in Reyansh and congratulates him for joining the League of Lovers. 

However, Reyansh tells him that he has not reached his level of the madly in-love state.

On the other hand, Aradhana tells her parents that they will have to cancel the plan as something urgent has come up at the office.

As Aradhana leaves the house, a feeling of dread follows her.

Meanwhile, Kadambari brings some family jewellery for Rey to give to Aradhana while VK tells her that she should be the one to give it. 

However, Kadambari is not sure that Rey would want her to be there while Rey also gets sceptical and tells her that she might have some urgent business like the Indore trip.

Aradhana Lies To Rey

After a while, Aradhana calls Reyansh who excitedly tells her that he has got so many things prepared for her in dinner. 

However, Aradhana apologises to him for not being able to make it and lies that her father’s clinic is flooded so they are busy draining the water. 

Later, Aradhana feels sad for lying to Reyansh and consoles herself that saving a friend's life is more important at this minute.  

On hearing that Reyansh is canceling the arrangements, VK questions him while Rey asks him if he will not suffer the same fate as him. 

Just then Kadambari also comes there to ask what has happened while Rey rudely tells her that his love will not do what her love has done to her because his Aradhana does not lie to him. 

Kadambari foresees the storm brewing within him and hopes that Rey is able to handle the storm before it overpowers him and drowns his relationship with Aradhana. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana arrives at the hotel and sends a voice note to her mother lying to her about Reyansh being in a meeting and she is going to record.

Rey Finds Out Aradhana's Lies

Rey is driving in the rain when RJ chooses a heartbreak song while Rey tells himself that he is not into negative songs and that Aradhana is the cure for the venom inside him. 

Meanwhile, Bhakti is worried about Aradhana who has left her insulin at home while Jagruti gives her a letter from Dehradun which makes her nervous and she snatches the letter from her daughter. 

Later, to avoid Harsh's questions, she tells him that she will call Reyansh. 

After a while, Reyansh is surprised to get a call from Aradhana’s mother and is shocked to hear that she has lied to him as well as her family. 

Later, he calls Aradhana’s contacts to find out where she has gone and asks Vikram to track her location when he cannot reach her anywhere while wondering where she could have gone. 

After a minute, Vikram calls Rey with Aradhana’s location and gives him a tip to have a romantic dinner with her there after she is done with the story.

Aradhana arrives at the hotel and shows her ID card to visit Mayank’s room. 

Rey Follows Aradhana

After a while, Rey also arrives there while the manager tells him that his reporter has gone to room number 005. 

Rey Also climbs the life and watches Aradhana enter the hotel room. 

Meanwhile, Mayank is shocked to see Aradhana in his room instead of Revati while Aradhana shames him for blackmailing Revati and tells him that it is a crime. 

Mayank reminds her of their shared past and accuses her of using men for time pass. 

However, Aradhana tells him in disgust that thanks to her father she was saved from the devil like him who does not understand the meaning of no from a girl. 

However, Mayank tells her that he will not let Revati out of his life so easily and she will have to come to him. 

Just then Rey comes knocking at the door while Mayank shuts Aradhana’s face with his hand and tells the intruder to go as they are having an intimate moment. 

Reyansh’s hand stops at Mayank’s comment and he walks away from there in anger.

Meanwhile, Aradhana pushes Mayank emotionally telling her that he still loves her and they would have been together if not for her father. 

Rey asks at the reception about the name of the person the room is booked for and recognises it to be Aradhana's old flame from Canada. 

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