Barsatein 28th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 28th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 28th September 2023 episode starts with Aradhana sitting on a chair, ready to get pampered while Kriti, Kimaya and Koko enjoy the treatment in the salon.

Jai gets a notification from Aradhana 

Aradhana notices the reporter asking questions about the salon from the owner while texting Jai, informing him how boring it is to cover the salon story to which Jai tells her to enjoy her day out.

Meanwhile, Kimaya encounters an aunty who shows her fake concern about the cancellation of Kimaya’s wedding with Angad and comments on the attitude of the girls changing with the generations.

This triggers Kimaya’s rage and she finally takes her stand, telling Aunty about the generation in which she was raised where women were made to walk through the fire leading Aunty to leave the salon immediately.

Aradhana smiles at Kimaya’s response while Kriti and Koko clap their hands in order to express their excitement towards Kimaya’s move-on behaviour.

On the other hand, Reyansh catches Jai smiling over his phone too and questions him if he has started liking someone to which Jai replies that he isn’t sure about it.

Meanwhile, the owner of the salon comes to Aradhana, asking her if she’s the reporter to which Aradhana nods while the owner asks her staff to provide all the services to Aradhana for free.

Aradhana remembers that she had seen the lady’s photo with the land officer, Parmar leading the owner to inform her that Parmar is her brother-in-law.

Just then, Aradhana recalls the land Mafia’s story where Parmar uses the forest on the government land and sells it to wealthy groups of people to make the farmhouses.

Aradhana expresses her desire to cover a different story to Jai when he allows her the same unbeknownst to him that Aradhana took permission for the same story as Reyansh’s.

Everyone laughs at Reyansh

She rushes to the owner, Shweta and tries to make her reveal some useful information about Parmar and his illegal deeds but fails.

Elsewhere, Reyansh appears in the salon and gets spotted by Aradhna who questions his presence in the salon.

Aradhana tells herself that she’ll not let him take over this Mafia’s story as it’s hers while she calls Shweta, asking her to pamper Reyansh with all their beauty services.

Just then, the police enter the salon and arrest Shweta, accusing her of using the government’s land while Reyansh gets captured in a funny pose.

The next day, the Khannas sit together for breakfast when they look at Reyansh’s funny picture in the newspaper that got clicked during the raid in the Salon.

Everyone mocks him leading Reyansh to leave the breakfast table and walk away while Kimaya gets worried and follows him which gets noticed by Aradhana.

Reyansh questions Kimaya if he really looks arrogant to which Kimaya comforts him by telling him everything’s pros and cons leading Reyansh to comfort her too for the heartbreak she had.

Aradhana's childhood photo comes into the light

Meanwhile, Kimaya notices Malini’s room’s door open and her stuff on the floor leads her and Reynash to place Malini’s stuff in it’s right place while Reyansh finds Aradhana’s childhood pic on the floor.

He questions Kimaya about it but she refuses that the pic doesn’t belong to any of the Khannas sisters when Reyansh spots 1998 written on the picture and wonders about the person born in 1998.

However, Kimaya tells him that they should leave Malini’s room as soon as possible otherwise it can create a problem for them.

On the other hand, Aradhana and Malini share a cute mother-daughter bond in the kitchen when Malini expresses how much she wants her daughter to learn cooking.

Aradhana comments that she must be having a lot of dreams for her daughters to which Malini pauses for a second but continues to express her selfless expectation of her daughters.

Malini mentions that she only wants her daughter to at least find a soulmate for themselves who no matter what, will stick to them always leading Aradhana to give Viren’s example to her.

This forces Malini to reveal that Viren never entered her life like a storm or like a soulmate but eventually, he became one by always sticking to her in the ups and downs of life.

Later, Bina notices a pendant on Aradhana’s neck and questions her if someone special has gifted her to which Aradhana agrees, recalling the moment when Bhakti gave her the pendant.

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