Barsatein 29th January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 29th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 29th January 2024 episode starts with Neeta asking the actor Priyanka to dress up as a nurse.

She notices Akash and Varun checking Priyanka out which makes Neeta yell at them.

She then tells them that now Priyanka will pretend to take care of Bhakti so that they can kill her by giving her the wrong treatment.

Priyanka comes back when Neeta gives her the medications that are to be given to Bhakti.

They are about to give an injection to Bhakti when Jagruti comes and asks what is going on.

Neeta says that it is because of Jay that they are taking care of Bhakti as Aradhna does not even have time for her mother.

Jagruti takes the injections from the nurse's hand which makes Neeta think to do something quickly as Jagruti is studying medicine and will find out about her plan.

She takes the injection back and then says that Jagruti is heartless which makes her think that she should not do anything and let Priyanka do her job.

Everyone leaves the room while Priyanka gives Bhakti the injection.

Meanwhile, Aradhna has reached and tells Pooja that she feels guilty of not wishing Jagruti till now after which she starts with the birthday decoration.

Pooja secretly calls Vikran and informs him to get Reyansh prepared.

After that, Pooja starts saying that Aradhna should be with Reyansh while Aradhna is in the toilet.

When Aradhna comes out, she sees that the whole house is decorated by Reyansh after which he goes to her and presents her with a gift.

He says that Jagruti invited him here and Pooja has gone on a date with Vikram so now it is just the two of them here.

She realises that the saree she is wearing was kept by Reyansh and says that she is going to change immediately however Reyansh holds her back.

She asks Reyansh to step back after which Reyansh says that she needs to take insulin and that is why they need to eat something.

Aradhna agrees and goes to take out the plates while Reyansh decides how to propose to her.

She comes back when Reyansh takes a candle and put it at the centre.

He then takes out Aradhna's favorite Chinese food when Aradhna receives a message from a private number which shocks her so much that she immediately takes off.

Reyansh who is about to propose does not understand what is wrong with Aradhna.

Aradhna comes back for her phone which is now in Reyansh's hands however before she can take it back, the phone falls down and breaks.

She asks Reyansh to leave to which Reyansh replies that Aradhna has gone mad as she was living with a mad person.

Aradhna says that Reyansh does not have a say in her married life to which Reyansh says that Aradhna has been living in delusion.

She says that both he and Jay have hurt her feelings.

Vikram and Pooja heard the whole fight over Reyansh's phone and decide to go and solve the problem.

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