Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 29th November 2023 episode starts with a flashback of Aradhana feeling dizzy after drinking the spiked water.

She leaves for the washroom while the informer steals her phone and hands it over to Reyansh.

Reyansh sends a text to Jay from Aradhana's phone that she'll be there for the Sangeet Ceremony before time.

Meanwhile, Aradhana gets locked inside the washroom and figures that Abdul is behind all this and that her phone is also missing.

She starts banging on the door when Reyansh comes and asks her to listen to him first then he'll open the door.

He tells Aradhana that they love each other and shouldn't repeat the mistake his parents made.

Meanwhile, Jay tries to convince Neeta to attend his Sangeet and tells her that Aradhana is a good girl.

Neeta expresses her concerns about Reyansh being after Aradhna but Jay talks her out of it.

Reyansh further tries to convince Aradhana to be with him by saying that if she leaves him, he'll lose himself.

Aradhana musters her emotions and tells Reyansh that she doesn't love him anymore since Kimaya's death.

Reyansh still persists in convincing Aradhana by playing their liked songs when Aradhana goes back into a flashback of Reyansh and her sharing a romantic moment, planning their future Sangeet.

Back in the moment, Reyansh tells her that there's no right or wrong in love to which Aradhana says that it's not love rather it's his stubbornness and she starts banging on the door vehemently.

Aradhana gets hurt while trying to open the door and Reyansh enters to inspect her.

Meanwhile, everyone has reached the venue for Jay and Aradhana's Sangeet but Aradhana is nowhere to be found which earns everyone a taunt from Neeta.

Reyansh tends to Aradhana's wound as it worsens her diabetes.

Back at the venue, Kriti explains that she's here to witness a Sangeet without the bride as Aradhana is at Reyansh's grand Sangeet.

Jay can't believe this while Kriti tells him to check social media as Reyansh's Sangeet is the highlight right now.

Meanwhile, Reyansh helps Aradhana with her insulin and gives her chocolate to increase her sugar levels.

Neeta asks Jay to call Aradhana and ask her where she is but Aradhana's phone rings switched off.

Kriti instigates that the phone isn't switched off, it's just unreachable because the housing society is fairly new where Reyansh's Sangeet is taking place.

She asks them to follow them to the society and to everyone's surprise, the property is all decorated up and filled with guests.

Just then, Reyansh enters the house holding a weak-looking Aradhana.

Jay asks Aradhana what's up with her to which Reyansh says she's fine as he has saved her.

However, Jay lashes out at Reyansh, putting all the blame on him for Aradhana's weak state and threatens him while Aradhana steps in between them and stops Jay.

Neeta starts to leave, being furious about the drama surrounding Aradhana but is stopped in her tracks when Aradhana tells her to stay for her and Jay's Sangeet which will happen today at any cost.

Aradhana puts a dhol around her and announces that it's her day and she'll rejoice in it as no one can stop her.

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