Barsatein 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 2nd August 2023 episode starts with Aradhana standing numb in front of everyone at her house when Bhakti asks her to show her ring to everyone. 

Jagruti excitedly asks Aradhana to invite Reyansh inside the house but she leaves by saying that she needs to be fresh.

At the office, everyone is talking about Reyansh and Aradhana while Sunaina lashes out to them to keep this news confidential as any random news can be catastrophic.

Further, Kadambari’s ex-secretary is standing at the office door while Suanina asks him what he’s doing here. He replies that he has come to collect his cheque and nothing else.

Aradhana goes to her room and sits against the door crying endlessly while reminiscing her past memories with Reyansh.

Reyansh gets drunk

Elsewhere at the bar, Reyansh is so drunk that she is seeing Aradhana instead of the bartender and is speaking crudely about love and women. 

He is having a heated argument with Aradhana in his imagination and he gets so angry that he throws a glass and a tray on the floor and has been thrown out of the bar while he left his phone there.

Elsewhere, everyone is excited and gets ready for Reyansh and Aradhana’s show that is about to come on the TV.

Against everyone’s expectation, the news exposes the mishappening that happened at the office and that Aradhana assaulted Reyansh and misused him.

Harsh starts yelling Aradhana's name to call her in the living room. 

She enters the room and spots the news running on the TV about her and Reyansh and tears well up in her eyes.

Aaradhana gets berated by her family

Then, she spots the same video that she asked Reyansh to delete but he did not which breaks her even more.

Harsh becomes furious and tells Aradhana to file a case against the one who made this type of video while Jagruti asks everyone to go home and Aradhana will handle the matter in her office.

Meanwhile, Aradhana tells Harsh that this is not a fake video and it’s her only but Reyansh leaked it in front of the whole world.

Harsh is enraged after listening to this and he slaps her in front of everyone.

At the office, Vikram comes yelling at Sunaina who has leaked the news which shocks Sunaina since she warned the employees not to leak it.

Kadambari and Vivek are also watching the same news which really upsets them and Vivek tells her that it is Reyansh nature to hurt others if he gets hurt.

At Aradhana’s house, neighbours tell Harsh that they are leaving but he stops them as it’s useless to go now since he has already been disrespected by the daughter.

He tells Bhakti to hide her face from their neighbours because Aradhana has spoiled their reputation.

Aaradhana becomes homeless

Harsh commands Aradhana to leave the house right now as he only has space for his knowns and asks Aradhana who is and that he doesn’t know her.

Bhakti interferes and tells him to not reveal anything but Harsh stops her and even blames her for everything.

Elsewhere, Reyansh has been thrown out of the bar and he's all drunk while walking on the road in the rain.

Harsh brings Aradhana’s bag and tells her to get out of his house. 

She is begging him to forgive her and that she was in love with Reyansh.

Harsh tells her that she proved today that Blood is greater than upbringing which shocks everyone. 

Harsh tells Aradhana that she is not their daughter and is the daughter of someone else. 

He adds that they tried their best that she doesn't have any quality of her mother but unfortunately, she is just like her mother.

While Aradhana is screaming that it’s not true and that he is lying about it. She screams that Bhakti is her real mother but he denies it and says that her mother was an unethical person.

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