Barsatein 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Barsatein 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 2nd January 2024 episode starts with the host announcing Reyansh and Aradhana as the winners and showing some dance clips from their performance.

However, the clips clearly show Aradhana and Reyansh in intimate dance steps. 

Jay’s friends mock Jay for losing his wife to Reyansh while Jay tells Aradhana to go and collect the trophy or else people will talk. 

Later, Reyansh tells Aradhana to think again as he is still in her destiny. 

After a while, at the dinner table, Reyansh makes fun of Jay for coupling with his wife while her other friends taunt Reyansh for not staying with the same girl throughout the semester. 

Later, Aradhana and Jay face another challenge when friends talk of splitting the bill and the couple has to pay thirty-five thousand rupees. 

Seeing Aradhana and Jay in trouble, Reyansh tells his friends that he will foot the bill for the party as he is meeting with them after a long time. 

Later, Jay goes to thank Reyansh but he tells Jay that he did not do it for him but for his love. 

After a while, Jay is sitting outside alone waiting for his friends to leave so that he does not have to explain not having a car. 

Just then, Aradhana comes there and he tells her that she is better off with Reyansh. 

However, Aradhana tells him that his lack of money does not embarrass her as she comes from a middle-class family where money is always scarce.

She also tells him that Reyansh has paid the bill for her but he should have done it for him because he used to be his friend and if the situation would have been reversed he would have done that for him. 

After a while, Aradhana tells Jay that they can walk instead of taking a cab as the house is not far away. 

Jay asks her if she means a romantic stroll where they will talk and share an ice cream. 

Just then, their college group starts thanking Reyansh for footing the bill but Reyansh waits for Aradhana’s thankyou. 

Knowing Reyansh, Aradhana types her thank you from both her and Jay's sides and thanks Jay as well for introducing her to his friends.

Later, Reyansh is sitting in his bar thinking about Aradhana and Jay together while his father comes there to offer comfort. 

Later, Bani calls him asking to meet tomorrow to discuss the case while Jay tells her to meet now. 

However, Bani worries about Aradhana misinterpreting the situation in a wrong way but Jay assures her that India is not that backward anymore. 

After a while, Aradhana gets a call from someone and leaves immediately. 

Meanwhile, Varun and his mother see her leaving and decide to have her followed.

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