Barsatein 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Jai and Vikram coming to Reyansh's room and scolding him for wasting his life away in alcohol.

Reyansh tells them not to be his mother while Vikram tells Reyansh that he did not come with him here for this but to help him get Aradhana back.

He tells him to leave leading Vikram to break his friendship with Reyansh, leaving forever.

Further, Reyansh again mocks Viren, stating that he is admiring Kadambari a little too much.

Jai notices Reyansh ogling Aradhana and leaves Kriti to talk to him, stating that it seems like he is going to eat Aradhana in front of everyone by the way he is looking at her.

Reyansh states that he is going to do it just then and goes dancing with Aradhana very sensually, shocking everyone.

Kriti tells Kimaya that Aradhana is getting close to Reyansh a little too much while Kadambari tells Vivek to do something.

Vivek takes Reyansh away and asks him why he's doing this while Aradhana comes there and returns the pendant that Vivek had given her.

Aradhana looks at Reyansh, telling him that everyone cares about them and the broken love and walks away when he calls out to her and walks after her.

She walks towards the hall and goes to her room while Reyansh comes after her and locks the door behind them.

Aradhana asks him what he's doing there to which he states that he's going to complete what she started that night.

She reminds him that he rejected her that night while he responds that he can never say no to her.

Aradhana puts her arms around his neck, asking him if he can forget everyone while he tells her that he can remember only her.

They both start getting passionate when the door opens and Kimaya sees them in each other's arms.

Flashback shows, Kimaya getting a message and walking towards the room.

Back in the present, Reyansh pushes away Aradhana and asks her if she can trap him in her silly plan.

Kimaya slaps her, telling her that it is good since Reyansh told her to come alone as Aradhana had told her to come with Malini and leaves, telling Aradhana to leave their home.

Aradhana asks Reyansh if this is all his game as they both recall how Aradhana had challenged to show that she is crazier than Reyansh.

Back in the present, Reyansh tells Aradhana that she cannot be crazy like him and that he cannot forget everything when she chose her sister and mother who don't even care about her over his love for her.

The next day, everyone in the office receives an MMS and is shocked to see that it is a video of Reyansh and Aradhana getting intimate.

Reyansh wonders how the video got leaked again while the office employees start gossiping, seeing Aradhana entering.

She also gets the MMS just then and gets shocked when Jai comes there, asking her who could have done it as she whispers Reyansh's name.

Later, Reyansh comes to Aradhana, telling her that he has already talked with IT and is in the process of getting the video removed.

He asks her if they should file a complaint while she addresses the office and accepts her affair with Reyansh in front of everyone.

Reyansh drags her away and confronts her, telling her that he knows she is the one who leaked the video.

He angrily states that she has cursed their relationship by leaking the video and walks away, telling her that she has gotten crazy like him.

Jai comes there and asks Aradhan why she did this while she states that she wanted to save Kimaya's life whom Reyansh wishes to destroy.

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