Barsatein 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Barsatein 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Malini clearing the air about her name being Malini Viren Khanna and not Mimmy as it was her past.

She rebukes the people who are more interested in someone’s past and are unable to move on from that since everyone should accept changes in their life.

Bina interrupts them, offering a coffee when Reyansh attempts to showcase the similarity between Malini and Aradhana as both of them are diabetic.

Further, Viren and Akash celebrate their partnership dream finally coming true while Reyansh offers to bring shots for everyone.

On his way to the bar counter in the party, Aradhana follows him and tries to stop him but he doesn’t pay any heed to her.

However, finally, he turns back and pins Aradhana to the wall, asking the reason behind her following him constantly with an upset face.

Aradhana questions Reyansh for referring to Malini as Mimmy in the morning and asks about what else he knows about Malini Khanna.

Reyansh pretends to act cool and states that he knows everything about her whatever Aradhana knows,

He recalls the moment when he saw Aradhana’s childhood picture in Malini’s room and the same picture in Aradhana’s pendant that got entangled with his hand.

On the other hand, Kriti flirts with Jai when Viren and Akash spot them and talk about their marriage while Kriti overhears their conversation, daydreaming about her marriage with Jai.

Suddenly, the electricity goes off when Koko remembers that today is Earth Hour which is celebrated every year by prohibiting the use of electricity for 1 hour.

However, Reyansh finds an opportunity to have a rational conversation with Aradhana and drags her aside, asking her about her relationship with Malini.

Aradhana yells at him for not leaving her alone and for always interfering in her life to which Reyansh yells back at her, saying that he’ll never leave her alone no matter how annoyed she is.

Reyansh accuses Aradhana of torturing herself by not revealing the truth to everyone leading Aradhana to break down in tears and state that it will not at all be worth it.

Elsewhere, Jai collides with Kriti and misinterprets her as Aradhana while Kriti holds her phone on her face level, using the torch that ultimately hides her face.

Jai expresses how he’s been feeling since the day he met her and how adorable she is leading Kriti to get a fluttery feeling as she misunderstands that Jai is confessing his feelings for her.

Kriti starts recording the moment on her phone as she misses Koko and Kimaya around her.

Just then, Jai reveals the name of whom he is talking to, making Kriti disheartened while Jai goes on to say that he wants to marry Aradhana.

Kriti breaks down in tears and cries miserably, rebuking Aradhana for being old school and meddling in her love life always while she regrets falling in love with Jai.

Meanwhile, Reyansh compares Aradhana to a beggar as she is waiting for Malini to shower her remaining love on her while Aradhana accuses him of making her a beggar.

However, Reyansh hugs her tightly, assuring her that he’ll always love her and that no one can ever replace her place in his life.

Elsewhere, Kriti passes by the corridor when she spots Reyansh hugging Aradhana, wondering if Aradhana is playing with the feelings of two boys at the same time.

Meanwhile, Reyansh warns Aradhana to confess the truth to Malini, giving her 24 hours to do so or else he will confront Malini about everything while Aradhana tells him to stop.

Later, Jai pitches to play Antakshri leading Kriti to announce the divided team according to her.

She takes Jai, Reyansh and Kimaya in her team while Koko, Aradhana, Sunaina and Vikram team up together, making Viren, Malini and Akash the judges.

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